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  1. Fabrizer420

    Question Crash to desktop with addons installed

    I get sent to desktop as soon as Bethesda logo shows up. I first tried with Enclave addon and then with Red Guards. Regulators work just fine. [02/25/2020 - 06:53:58PM] Papyrus log opened (PC-64) [02/25/2020 - 06:53:58PM] Update budget: 1.200000ms (Extra tasklet budget: 1.200000ms, Load screen...
  2. A

    Old Post What to download

    Hello, im looking to dowload sim settlements on an xbox one, but, im haveing a hard time to figure out what packs i need, what is inside what and so on. So my questions are: -Theres those City plan packs( about 2 MB each) what do they do exaclty, and, do i need them if i wanna use the rise of...
  3. Cranky Cat

    Old Post Twenty SS addons = 20 instances of GetAddonRegistrationLock

    So, I frequently see 20+ active scripts running and notice that each Sim Settlement addon has an instance of the following frequently repeating: SimSettlements:AddOnScript (06bd98b6) 4 frames (zero attached 0000000000000000) SimSettlements:AddOnScript.OnTimer()...
  4. H

    Missing objects in addon added plots

    First of all, hi and thanks for this amazing mod, without it I would completely ignore settlement management. Now for the problem, I keep getting these missing objects from addon plots (in general the floor and walls). First it work like intended when I build it (see the result of the project...
  5. SavageRock

    "MUST HAVES" ROTC Advanced Industrial Plots

    I'm really digging the valuable input and community effort put into this page especially the ROTC & Tech Tree threads. I almost posted there, but i figured it would be kinda off topic. I know there are tons of mods out there, But which settlement mods/addons are the MUST HAVES to fully...
  6. M

    Is there a limit on how many add-ons can be run in Sim Settlements at a time?

    I've downloaded a few add-on packs and there are building plans that don't show up in the inventory menu when you manually choose a building plan to build. And unfortunately, it's very inconsistent. I've checked mod pages to see if maybe they were specific to Advanced plot trees or something...
  7. SpringyFz

    Far Beyond - Space Themed AddOn Pack This page will be unavailible until after christmas so i actaully have a mod ;)
  8. B

    CTD when using "Bulilding plans and more" + hunter-gather (VIS)

    Works for all other addons, but when i try to select Hunter-Gather from the build list, I get an instant CTD. If I need to post anything for relevance, please let me know, thanks!
  9. D

    Too Soon for Addon's??

    So I have been playing with sim settlements here and there. This playthrough though I am almost exclusively focusing on Sim Settlement gameplay. I have main file and IR plus 5 or 6 addon packs. I think more is better. I wonder now though as I am finding myself watching youtube vids and...
  10. bludthurst

    Thanks for Getting Jib's Residential AddOn up for Xbox

    @Jib333 Great to have you on the Forum in your official Threefort. Thanks very much more taking the time to put together a version for Xbox. Just got my first tree house, awesome. FYI - I have you up and listed on the Wiki AddOns page...
  11. Blocky

    Thanks for Sim Settlements, made a compatible mod

    This is the coolest mod for Fallout 4 I've seen. After watching a few Let's Plays on Youtube of people using Sim Settlements, I tried it and it was awesome-sauce. The games default settlers sounded like they needed an upgrade, now that there was lot more concentration of gameplay around them. I...
  12. Metzler

    Following Tutorial for Add on mod making and this happens..

    Hey There, Anyone that can help is amazing (Thanks in advance) So I've followed Kinggaths tutorial for making addons - it's a fantastic guide. Here's my issue, I've followed it to the T 3 times now and every time in game when testing (with a brand new game and new saves with only Unofficial...