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Question Settlers upgrading plots automatically even though I don't meet the requirements for upgrade and I have Manual turned on


New Member

So I have this settlement at Sanctuary and as you can see my food is alright but not full and my happiness is 53 and I believe minimum required happiness to upgrade most plots is full food and 70 happiness.

I also have City Upgrades, Plot Upgrades and Advanced Plot Upgrades turned to Manual in the Sim Settlements config and I have Hold Upgrades Until I See Them as ON. Also, I get a pop up when an upgrade has been completed and when a plot or city is awaiting an upgrade.

When I set it like that it meant that I got two constant checklists on Sim Settlements Tracking Quest, one that a city is awaiting an upgrade and one that a plot is awaiting an upgrade. When I checked out all the plots I couldn't see an option to upgrade (only stop Auto Upgrades) despite this notification and then assumed it was because I'd met the time requirement so it was awaiting an upgrade but needed the food and happiness.

Then all I did was chuck some food in Supplies and fill the defence bar and suddenly the settlers automatically upgraded about five of the residential plots and one of the agricultural plots to level 2.

I don't understand what's going on here for many reasons.

Surely the Settlers shouldn't be upgrading their plots if I've set them to upgrade manually?

Why are these plots even eligible for upgrade when I clearly don't meet the requirements? Even if food doesn't have to be absolutely full I'm nowhere near the right happiness.

If they did meet the right requirements then how come I can't manually upgrade the plots? I still have a notification saying plots awaiting upgrade but still don't have an option on any of the plots. Yet whilst checking these plots three more plots were upgraded automatically.

I don't really know what's causing this, I know upgrades are a common problem for new users but I feel I've checked everything and just can't get a clear answer. I also have one residential plot permanently unbuilt, I think possibly due to an error with Codsworth and Mama Murphy because they count as residents but don't do shit so maybe that's causing an upgrade issue?