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sim plots

  1. R

    NO PLOTS BECOME AVAILABLE AFTER 'NEW PLOTS ON THE BLOCK' Cannot find any solution anywhere please begging for help now spent 6 hours trying to fix

    Xbox series s/x Encountering two major problems. I am new to SS2, have used it up to the Ron mission but at this stage i cant build any plots, it says not enough resources with the 60 Asam sort of blacked out, not coloured as normal. I have 16 settlers. 78 happiness, 97 defense (for some weird...
  2. M

    Question Settlers upgrading plots automatically even though I don't meet the requirements for upgrade and I have Manual turned on

    So I have this settlement at Sanctuary and as you can see my food is alright but not full and my happiness is 53 and I believe minimum required happiness to upgrade most plots is full food and 70 happiness. I also have City Upgrades, Plot Upgrades and Advanced Plot Upgrades turned to Manual in...
  3. Deathsweep00

    City Plans using locked plot types.

    When I use the default city plan for Sanctuary it spawns Municipal, Martial, Commercial and Recreational plots that I haven't unlocked yet. I tried disabling Designers Choice and Bypass Locks but they still spawned. I am using the Wasteland Ventures and Happy Trails addons for SS2. Does anyone...
  4. VersusXV

    Sim Settlements 2 - Superstructures Addon Pack Additional New Plots for Sim Settlements 2 + Foundations/Terraformers + Interior Cell Settlement. Including the new Municipal type & various 1x1 & 3x3 sized plots. A variety of themes & some with simple designs, others with complex designs New...
  5. Grim Experiments

    Solved Quick question: Sort of. RE: Assignment and Roles.

    Hey hey hey! Question formally known as Quick, question regarding relationship between SS auto assignment, Conqueror roles, and Vanilla assignments. How do these all interact? Does auto-assign option in holotape also impact conqueror roles? Does vanilla auto assign still occur? Do they ever...
  6. Opposing Forces

    Question [PC]Conqueror 4.1.0 can't assign battlefield scavs and assignments not sticking

    TL;DR 1) assignments don't stick 2) can't assign any role type to martial plot with the battlefield scavenger plan 3)double prompts for assigning roles and locations so i'm running sim settlements 3 in 1, conqueror and workshop framework at the latest versions. i built a battlefield scavenger...
  7. Lancars

    Old Post Tier 4 Commercial and Legendary Merchant.

    So i don't know where to fully begin but i always wondered why the building itself also couldn't upgrade. But they should have traits in a way based on who they are. Doc Anderson: She provides cheapers services but she doesn't pay much taxes or non at all maybe. Maybe one of them get s a bonus...
  8. total1biscuit

    something to add to all sim plots

    was playing FO4 yesterday and having so much fun with sim settlements. I thought of something that is needed and would help out so much. Was thinking that a small picture (50x100px or smaller) beside each plot detail when your deciding which one to build there. When you use the sensor to select...