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  1. N

    Rapid fire questions about ss2

    Hi guys cool mod keep it up I wanna know a few questions let me know if I am outta line Is there any add-on that makes some exclusives plots deliver items to the workshop? (like the vanilla junk plot) Is there a way to see the numbers of a city plan before a applying one? Seeing the number of...
  2. S

    City Plans and Caravan Services

    I tried searching around but I don't think anyone has asked anything similar. I finally unlocked City Plans, so I've been implementing them around my settlements. I've been using the RoTC City Plans, and in Starlight Drive-in, I noticed it did have a spot for Caravan Services, but I couldn't...
  3. S

    Agriculture auto-terraformer/snap-to trouble

    Obligatory new to the forums and the mod; I couldn't find anything on this question, but I also may be stupid. I'm having this problem with agriculture plots in that getting them lined up/snapped to nicely to satisy my OCD is proving a challenge - they appear to have some sort of auto-teraformer...
  4. ChuckDwhereareyou

    Not so Random plots, Blacklisted plans still build

    So I remember in SS1 when you turned Designer's Choice off for the RoTC city plans a random plot (from mod-added plot addon packs) of the same type would be built instead, yay good times! In SS2, I've started many new games in the past several weeks, waiting to use city plans till finishing...
  5. B

    Nuka World red rocket settlement plots not being auto assigned

    I assigned the pack to run the one settlement outside of nuka world park but after the gang arrived they wouldn't be auto assigned to any of the plots, I had to personally assign them then the plots started building, and yes I have that option on cuz in the Commonwealth the settlers are auto...
  6. K

    No defenses in Concord/unique buildings

    I started a new playthrough today and wanted to get back to where I was in the SS2 storyline. I used the holotape to skip to the martial law quest because that is where I left off before. Before I skipped the previous quests, I left the concord area so that it could possibly change to how it is...
  7. L

    All plots can work without power

    After getting the magazine, I built plots. I didn't connect the wire, but the plots worked normally, and the hub didn't show no power on. (the red icon written on the wiki) My mod loading order is: 1. Unofficial patch 2、HUDFramework 3、Workshop Framework 4、Sim settments 2 5、SS2 Chapter 2 6、MCM...
  8. M

    Municiple Plots

    Hello, I have been soaring through the SS2 Quest line no issues. I am to the point where Jake shows 4 new plot types via the Vault-Hub. I built the 3 but now when I place a 2x2 Municiple Plot my game CTD. I'm sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere, I searched "Municiple Plots" and didn't...
  9. D

    Question Rotc plots with no Asam and won't build up

    Hi, I am having a problem with all of my plots not having Asam sensors or a "for sale" sign... Settlers will eventually get assigned to a plot but will be in the building animation for ever and no construction site is built .. just the foundation and a pole, The interior plots have the red box...
  10. BobaPhat

    1x1 tiny living

    Does anyone else have an issue where the 1x1 terraforming won't place anywhere?
  11. S

    Add Bed Only Residential Plots

    I thought it would be great to have a residential plot that is only a bed with maybe a stand/chest next to it. Level 1 could be just a sleeping bag and then eventually upgrade to a full nicer bed. Potentially have a bunk version for multiple people? This comes to mind only because I was trying...
  12. TopHatFetus

    Command to upgrade a plot manually?

    Most settlements run fine but for my own personal settlements I like to mainly have robots do all the labor and then some human NPCs for stores and that's about it. The problem is robots just have a happiness of 50 and it stays there. Since they bring down the happiness level so much non of my...
  13. VersusXV

    Sim Settlements 2 - Superstructures Addon Pack Additional New Plots for Sim Settlements 2 + Foundations/Terraformers + Interior Cell Settlement. Including the new Municipal type & various 1x1 & 3x3 sized plots. A variety of themes & some with simple designs, others with complex designs New...
  14. D

    Primary Bug Report General - Plots fail to snap to foundations and each other correctly

    Anyone having nightmares trying to snap plots? I've tried several combinations (with vanilla/mods foundations/floors, plots with attached foundations and plots without foundations, residential and industrial) but everytime i try to place a plot next to an existing one it doesn't snap properly...
  15. 1

    Primary Bug Report General - Plots and foundations lose snapping after Jake leaves settlement

    Basically plots and foundations after the Stranger leaves stopped snapping to each other. Cant give much info other than that reloading a save helps until the stranger leaves again... Trying SS2 on a completely new save. p.s also the Old Paul looks scuffed
  16. D

    Question Help! Settlement gone and CTD

    I went to my Sanctuary build (took over 10 hours to make) and every single plot (residential, industrial, recreational, agrucultural, and martial) I made was gone. I tried placing a new residential plot in the place I had my old ones and it worked fine, but as soon as I place an interior...
  17. MaLTRaiN

    Question Newbie questions... please help

    Hi, guys. Thanks, first, to king and all the other people who is behind this great mod, including the awesome community you have gathered. Well, I'm playing again (I reached level 30 the first time) just for solving some issues with my previous journey and this time I want to maximize my...
  18. A

    Question New comer, please help!

    Hiya! So I just started using SS and I’m having some trouble. I was trying to use it and codsworth was bugging out so I couldn’t get access to sanctuary. And then I finally got through that and Preston wouldn’t talk to me after I brought them back from concord. Most of the plots that I just...
  19. G

    Is it possible to modify an Add-on's list of plots?

    Example: I like a certain add-on's Agricultural plots, but not their Residential. And with Residential plots being the majority of the plots I build in the settlements, it is annoying to have to scroll thru and past their plots on my list when I Choose Building Plan. Please note: I have...
  20. B

    Question Plots in Settlements without plans not upgrading

    Hi there, I’ve tried everything I can think of and have read everything about plot upgrading to guarantee I’m doing it right... For some reason the settlements I build without city plans and customize myself, the plots will not upgrade, other than security. I’ve tried it at different...