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fallout 4

  1. R

    SSM 2 Lets Play, Feed Back and Suggestions

    I have recently made a lets play series of the sim settlements 2 mod and would love some more feed back. I know that there is some audio line up issues. I hope that by creating this I can receive additional advice and direction from other people that care about this mod. I have tried to make...
  2. VaneSlasher

    Question Help - S.S. Conqueror's PreBuilt "Waiting for the Engine..."

    Hi guys, thx beforehand for your attention; D This time I'll be brief. Give me a light. When I finish setting up Conqueror da Built bar fills incridible fast and show da message "Waiting for the Engine...". I repeated the process several times and with variations and yet this continues to...
  3. RayBo

    "Gopher" VORTEX - Beginner's Guide #6 : Profiles

    A good thing. All of Gophers videos are excellent for helping users mod Fo4 using Vortex. Profiles are an excellent tool for folks who wish to mod, troubleshoot and "add/run/test" variations of their game for any reason. VORTEX - Beginner's Guide #6 : Profiles
  4. RayBo

    Spawnable Unique Minutemen Settlers

    Almost as long :grin But, a great complement to a Minutemen playthrough.
  5. RayBo

    Waushakum Pond and Conqueror. A Fallout 4, 500+ mod Spotlight

    A bit long but covers a lot.
  6. RayBo

    Wasteland Resources, Fallout 4 with 500 mods

    A level 3 prebuilt settlement & Conqueror game. The video also talks to some considerations for adding mods. This playthrough is the groundwork for a future BaGS_Redux It will be based on this loadorder but at its foundation, it will be an alternative way to start a Conqueror game reliability...
  7. RayBo


    I am posting this video not to so much promote Creation Club changes but to let Juicehead explain changes to mods created with the CK going forward. Please see his explanation starting at about 17:30 timestamp in the video attached below. The bottom line as I understand it: Mods that are...
  8. RayBo

    Announcement Creation Club update is coming!

    Just a Friendly Reminder for F4SE users. We will be getting a Creation Club update around the 21st, so do your thing.
  9. RayBo

    Announcement Thuggyfied - A Fallout 4 Mod List

    I recommend anyone take a peek at this. If you are a new user or are looking to improve your Fo4 experience alongside SimSettlemnent and the other quest mods that are currently on the Nexus then I really encourage you to check out his mod and list link: Thuggyfied - A Fallout 4 Mod List...
  10. RayBo

    Something I Recommend you Watch :)

    Yes, you! :aye: ha!:mosking :agree: it is "a good thing" and :dogmeat:recommends it. :giver: GamerPoets :giver: 5 Modding TIPS You NEED | Beginners :friends :mosking I watch them all, :giver: knows I need too :crazy :rollseye
  11. D

    Tutorial Do I need a scrap profile (Context)

    I'm trying to make a halo themed settlement for red rocket (and later all others), but am new to making settlements and plans. After creating 4 versions (L0 - L4) I went through one of first tutorials and am no slightly confused. It said to export original (except if using scrap everything)...
  12. RayBo

    Red Rocket SubLevel

    Just having fun with Sim Settlements and Red Rocket SubLevel mod by ATuMod along with other mods :bye Red Rocket SubLevel By: ATuMod aka: Atum Author MOD Links: Red Rocket SubLevel: Author, Nexus Page...
  13. RayBo

    SOTS - Junky thoughts

    :bye Just a humble thought. This mod is getting very near to its next major release. My attitude has always been when starting a new game is to pay attention to potential new releases or big updates that I may want to add in the next few months. SOT is more of a mid-late game mod, so for...
  14. RayBo

    Announcement An Oberland Station mod

    I really like Femshepping as an author but as sometimes happens folks do their best of work when other things are not going so well. Though I want to tend toward sim settlement related material I always keep in mind that we are a part of a bigger community. So when reading that things could be...
  15. Labigcheeze

    Question Weird dependency glitch

    Tried reinstalling mods today, ended up with a weird glitch with one of the "3 in 1" mod files which causes Fo4 to crash on startup. Uninstalled the mod and replaced it with Sim settlements + expansions individually but LOOT & Vortex still register the error and the game still crashes, any help...
  16. RayBo

    Vortex and ESP flagged ESL

    You can now flag candidates with the push of a button from inside of Vortex. Benefits: Manage esp limit No compacting esp mods into esl mods. Explained Old video below, but shows how to do it in vortex. For the technical answers see the gamer poets video above.
  17. Nartaga

    F4 Load Order

    I've been watching Kinggath's play through of Fallout 4 and its given me the itch to dust off the old mod list. I'm at 273 mods, and for the most part everything is fine.....except something is breaking previs and precombines in certain areas and/or double loading buildings added by Beantown in...
  18. RayBo

    Baking-a-Game Save (BaGS)

    A guide for setting up and starting a new game: updated:21MAR19 I had been tossing this around and was encouraged to post it. It is not a load order and not intended to suggest mods. It is a checklist of sorts, a guide for layering your save file "baking" and my procedure for setting up and...
  19. RayBo

    Old Post I SAID "NO!!!!!"

    :mosking :rofl hahahaha, just experimenting with some new software. I have been toying with making some tutorials on game set-up, vortex and some out of game issues and decisions that I think cause in-game problems for some users. Also, I would like to do some showcasing of all the plots I...
  20. Slinkerback

    Preston Turns Aggressive (In It For The Money)

    Sorry if this bug has already been posted. During my play through I decided to spare Preston and avoid questing with him. The issue seems to be when I'm clearing hostiles from Concord, Preston will tend to stop attacking and go back inside the museum, causing the executioner menu to pop up...