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Mod Author feature question. (Regarding Bugs in CK)


New Member
I was wondering if your new framework could help fix issues regarding assign settlers, and such. I have been plagued with an unknown variable that keeps my C.I.T. mod from working correctly. Pulled every trick in the book, and still get the "hidden ws in pipboy", "no option to assign companion to home to settlement", and "no trade routes". Any help would be appreciated. ~thanks for reading


A link to a "how to when using this framework" would be wonderful as well.
I don't believe it will have any effect on issues like that. Best I can suggest would be to talk to Neeher, as he has become an expert at creating custom settlements. From what I've seen so far - his are the most reliable custom settlements.

Per the framework, I'm slowly fleshing out documentation here:
Okay. Thanks for the swift reply. I have tried to get in touch with Neeher before, but he doesn't seem to respond to my messages via Nexus. Thanks for the link as well.