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  1. Mythor

    A couple of "Quality of Life" patch mods for SS2. Inspired by kinggath. :)

    During yesterday's livestream kinggath mentioned how odd it was that nobody had created a zero weight mod for the Vit-O-Matic, as he expected that to be a very early mod for SS2. I joked that if I knew how to make such mods I'd be too busy making other mods to actually make that mod. Turns out...
  2. Not a Chinese spy

    fallout 4 SS2 mod conflict

    hi so does anyone know if the following mods Subway Runner ( or Subways of the Commonwealth (SotC) - Standalone ( work with SS2?
  3. I

    Add features from (now deleted mod) ss2 visitors

    delete if not allowed, I made a new load order right before the nexus rules changed, so I missed the mod ss2 visitors before it was deleted, but I think it's features would be great if they were implemented and possibly expanded upon in the main SS2 mod. I've had some issues with the visitors...
  4. T

    Mod for scrapping more than what the game allows

    I'm fairly new to modding and sim settlements 2 and the couple required for it are the first mods i've ever used. That said, i absolutely love Sim Settlements 2. However, i do find it hard to build like i'd like to due to all of the non removable junk and bushes and whatever, like in sanctuary...
  5. R

    SSM 2 Lets Play, Feed Back and Suggestions

    I have recently made a lets play series of the sim settlements 2 mod and would love some more feed back. I know that there is some audio line up issues. I hope that by creating this I can receive additional advice and direction from other people that care about this mod. I have tried to make...
  6. Tali Zora

    Question can't transfer salvage beacon to container

    hello pls, i need help, I just installed the salvage beacon mod an hour ago and about to try to test it for the first time, i already set up my workstation beacon on my settlement i also made the beacon but as you can see in the image my beacon is not invisible when im in the "trading" screen...
  7. C

    Ways to fix a game I hate

    OK, I've posted elsewhere that I HATE Fallout 4. Now the problem is that many MANY Fallout fans hate Fallout 4. The gameplay loop is obnoxious and the story is.....only a marginal improvement over Fallout 3. That's not why I despise this game, and I'm pretty sure that's not why most people who...
  8. C

    Hate vanilla settlment system, how can SS help MY GOALS?

    Well, I have been playing Fallout 4 for a couple of months using FROST and many many mods to subvert all the spirit of FROST. One of the reasons why is I wanted to learn the settlement system, but the idea that the Commonwealth needs that much rebuilding in 2287 induced much nerdrage. But the...
  9. Sirlach

    Tutorial Sim Settlements Experience Mod List.

    Why build a Sim Settlements Mod List? As members of the City Plan contest team Kinggath, UitUit and I needed a way to quickly setup a Sim Settlements Fallout 4 profile that would enable us to see all of the add-ons available in Sim Settlements that City Plan makers used. As I had built a...
  10. Opi Vali


    I see plenty of static season mods that never change seasons. Is there a reason a dynamic changing seasons mod can not be made?
  11. RayBo

    Red Rocket SubLevel

    Just having fun with Sim Settlements and Red Rocket SubLevel mod by ATuMod along with other mods :bye Red Rocket SubLevel By: ATuMod aka: Atum Author MOD Links: Red Rocket SubLevel: Author, Nexus Page...
  12. Grim Experiments

    Suggestion Raider Entertainment

    Hey hey hey, I have a suggestion for a mod but probably not for conqueror itself. Here's the pitch: You walk into your outpost and see your gang huddled in a group, hooting and hollering. You decide to check out all the comotion and push your way to the front of the crowd to see a...
  13. X

    Question I've messed up a settlement and need help plz

    I've been working on a mod I'm calling Southside Raider Camp. It's a settlement south of Abernathy. The plan was for the player to find it with only a handful of people, move in, and build it up. Problem is, I've messed up the actual settlement in the CK. I'm not sure why it doesn't work and I'm...
  14. RayBo

    Old Post A simply brilliant Mod!

    One fun mod! Simplistic Tent by kitcat81 Goes great with! Settlements Redone - Lakeside Cabin Settlement by Tarsis31 and Yagisan And it is Dogmeat Approved!
  15. Zer0

    No Response Compatible Modlist?

    Does anyone have a list of mods that play nice with Sim Settlements? I've been thinking about playing with Conquerer, but I wanted to add a bunch of changes to graphics, clothes and weapons to leveled lists, as well as custom UI, but I'm worried about compatibility, especially since I like to...
  16. H

    Fixed Executioner issues.

    First off, freaking amazing mod! But, now. I dunno if it is meant to work the way it is, for me anyway, but the executioner ability is activating when it is turned off in the settings. I have turned it off and made sure it was still off, but it keeps popping up. Funny thing is, even if I am not...
  17. Psychatix

    CTD Autobuildplot spam?

    Apparently since there is not a SINGLE WAY to track the reasoning behind a crash which i find really weird and confusing since we have mods for literally everything imaginable for the game,b ut can't make a program to track the last few scripts ran by a game before it crashed... But the papyrus...
  18. daroule1982

    Mod Author feature question. (Regarding Bugs in CK)

    I was wondering if your new framework could help fix issues regarding assign settlers, and such. I have been plagued with an unknown variable that keeps my C.I.T. mod from working correctly. Pulled every trick in the book, and still get the "hidden ws in pipboy", "no option to assign companion...
  19. jsalemi

    Major AWKCR and Armorsmith Extended updates!

    I know these are two things I can't live without, and I suspect many of you are the same -- major updates to Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR): and Armorsmith Extended:
  20. AmyStark

    May have messed something up...

    I think I may have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque. I'm using SimSettlements on XBox One. I didn't realize the mod doesn't quite work with the Provisioner option. I tried to assign a couple settlers to set up supply lines to Sanctuary. They're not going anywhere, just wandering around...