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"How to HQ" Hubert bug?


New Member
I play on Xbox series X, and I've just finished cleaning, building in and upgrading the security entrance, engineering Station, and the barracks in the "How to HQ" quest. Afterwards I'm prompted to take to my peers, where Theresa suggests we talk to Hubert at one of my settlements to start a supply chain, and this is where things go down hill. Upon arriving to said settlement I'll find Hubert with the objective marker above his head. The only, and I mean only thing he says, is "oh hey there" over, and over, and over. No dialog options appear, nor do I enter a dialog state.
Now I've tried many things to fix this
-load a save before I need to see him
-do the option above multiple more times (I know, literal definition of insanity)
-load a save before I started the quest
-wait for Theresa to arrive(in a different save) which resulted in her standing there for a short time, then leaving the settlement.
-force them to stand next to each other(to maybe initiate dialog between the two)
-destroying all of the plots I had at the settlement (there ai was getting trapped on them) before I started the quest
-assigning Hubert to a new settlement and then starting the quest.
Doing all of the above attempts at the new settlement.

I Have no idea what to do. I'm in love with this mod and genuinely couldn't play without it, and I just want to continue the story and start building the HQ. So, does anyone have a fix for this AI break? Or a way to skip this part of the story?
Much thanks to anyone able to help!