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help needed

  1. A

    Jake Not Showing Up

    I've tried 4-5 different save files old and new, and Jake never shows up. I do the recruitment beacon after i grab the magazine and ill wait literally 30 real life minutes and he never shows up, I've tried waiting and sleeping and he just doesn't seem to be coming. could I spawn him in and just...
  2. M

    Q's About Farms, Planner's Desk and Build Limit

    I have a few questions about certain aspects of the mod that I can't figure out or find in the forums right now that I am hoping can get answered. I am currently using v. 1.0.2. Firstly, I am having issues with some of the farms in my game. I built a silt bean farm in Sunshine Tidings a while...
  3. X

    HELP Fast CTD when hovering over plots in SS2 Build Menu

    This problem started after i started the quest to get martial commercial and recreational plots... I can't build at all and it's really frustrating my load order is fine and my mod is 100% updated to latest version and i even disabled all my add-on packs for SS2 i am on PC... The issue goes like...
  4. BranBran

    Constant crashing, need some help

    Hey all, I keep crashing, it was completely fine up to yesterday, over 24hours into this game. I really don't want to lose my progress, as such I have 4 logs which show constant script use of SS2. No idea why this is happening, is there a way to stop it? Any help is appreciated as I don't know...
  5. A

    Laser Love

    I've been trying to complete or get to the next part I'm unsure if there is another part, but for Laser Love when looking for the LPP Carbine, I find it but I'm unable to grab anything of the Vertibrid. It seems like I need to go onto the upper lever of the over head highway (or whatever its...
  6. D

    Main quest help!

    I finished where there's smoke a few days ago and I can't start the next quest if there is one because this is my first play through with this mod. Please help. Edit: it has been over 2 weeks in game and nothing has happened
  7. M

    **bug report** failed startup of sim settlements 2

    this all started as i decided to restart fo4 with more of an eye towards not overloading sanctuary with settlers and crashing my game with too many unique and interesting settlers in one place. upon startup i got the dreaded "failed startup of sim settlements 2" followed by the save file...
  8. M

    Some of my settlers are shoing up nude?

    Using L00T to sort my load order and everything seems to get along nicely until i started attracting settlers where about 1/4 of them show up wearing at most a Scarf or hat Just reinstalled the game after seeing SS2 launched so I'm a little rusty. 0 0 Fallout4.esm 1 1 DLCRobot.esm...
  9. N

    I need YOUR help building my Starlight Drive In grid style city.

    For my new build I've decided to make Starlight my big city hub. I picked it when I noticed that by starting at the corner of the Drive In Screen, I can encapsulate effectively the entire settlement area in a grid. SO I NEED YOUR HELP to find the best grid layout I can. I'm posting a template...
  10. K

    Code for the basement key card in "Hub of The problema"?

    Well... I had zombie walkers mod installed and ghoul npcs didnt drop anything so i'm kinda trapped, that was my only save and I rather not loosing all my progress, I hope someone can please help me, thanks
  11. BuffCan

    [FIXED] City planners desk crash to desktop

    Hey, I'm having a problem with the city planners desk. Everytime I assign a settler to the desk and I select the "yes, tear it all down" option, the animation starts and after one second my game crashes to desktop. I tried reinstalling the mod and fiddling around with my load order, nothing...
  12. P

    Stranger Still Wont Spawn

    Hi, I started modding fallout 4 again for this mod in particular and I really cannot get it to work no matter how hard i try. I've installed literally only script extender, HUDframework 1.0f, Workshopframework 2.0.5, and Sim Settlements 2 obviously 1.0.0g. Ive started multiple characters, did...
  13. PlatypusKing10

    Primary Bug Report General - Plots fail to show resource costs required to updgrade (show 45 [...] instead)

    So I started the mod, haven’t had any major issues getting started so that’s good. But on my 5th plot or so, I started getting the popup that I can’t afford the construction costs. The holographic popups don’t show any materials or anything in the third row so I have no idea what I need to...
  14. D

    Primary Bug Report General - Settlement happiness will not go above 65% and plots will not upgrade

    So this is either a bug report or a request for advice, or maybe both? I was wondering why none of my settlements ever seemed to upgrade their plots and figured that it was probably due to all of them being between roughly 65%-45% happiness. I don't have any mods installed that should affect...
  15. I

    Primary Bug Report City Plans - City plans fail to build and potential mayors aren't detected

    Hey, When I build a city plan nothing happens. even after waiting several days nothing is constructed. Even though I am already in the quest where the mayors are introduces (Old John, Hubert and the Ghoul (Cool Band name btw)) but when I want to choose a mayor there is "no unique mayor found"...
  16. P

    Can't complete "Picking up the Pieces"

    I'm currently at the first part of the mission where it requires I place down the Prototype Locator Beacon. After killing all the enemies, I have tried 3 locations Boston Public Library (entered via subway causing the robots and turrets to be friendly) DB Technical High School (map says...
  17. ACExtravaganza

    Primary Bug Report If I Had a Hammer - Quest fails to update after completing quest objectives

    If I had a hammer has its first two component parts completed, but I didn't receive another stage and the quest didn't complete. There is a bug, but is it that the quest should have finished or is it that a new stage should have started?
  18. C

    Not a bug For those who need help

    Try building a radio beacon and waiting just a tad
  19. F

    Primary Bug Report General - Controls lock up when unlocking new Build Plans while in Workshop Mode

    So I was completing the quest for old man paul to start placing ASAM sensors down for everyone, and apparently this has unlocked a new build plan. Unfortunately I cannot either take the item to clear the new build plan unlock, or come out of build mode using the v key or move the selector in...
  20. C

    Primary Bug Report Laying Foundations - CTD while Jake is building tutorial Residential Plot

    Game crashes in first mission while talking to stranger and in settlement after placing the 2x2 residential plot with SS 2 being the only mod downloaded with cheat terminal on Xbox one.