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sim settlements 2

  1. J

    Game crashes when building Recreational plot in SS2

    Hi, i need help. The game crashes every time i try to build a recreational plot in SS2. It goes the same when i was playing SS1. I'm still new to mods, i first came across SS1 before SS2.
  2. F

    "If i had a hammer" quest stuck on 4/5 House and Agriculture/Factory Plots

    As the title says I'm stuck on the "If i had a hammer" quest where it doesn't wanna register the last house or agriculture/factory plots. I have tried using only the Sim Settlements 2 mod (with Workshop Framework and HUDFramework 1.0f) but the problem is still there even if i loaded a previous...
  3. N

    SS2 has a record flag called "Unknown 11, Partial Form" that gets overwritten by other mods. Should I try to fix this?

    I'm about to start a brand new playthrough with The Midnight Ride mods, Sim Settlements 2, and Tales from the Commonwealth (If anyone thinks this would be too script heavy and cause damage, please let me know!) I've recently learned about conflict resolution in xEdit. While looking in xEdit...
  4. ChuckDwhereareyou

    XPRI errors in SS2.esm

    So after updating to the newest SS2 and Workshop Framework, I was doing a patch in FO4Edit and did my usual Check for Errors. Here is what popped up: No idea how to fix those :/
  5. S

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Im trying to use a settlement layout made by one of the modders in the community, for Sanctuary. It was a chore to even get it running at first since i had a cleanup mod that conflicted, naturally. But on a fresh save without said mod, finishing the first SS2 quest, getting ASAMs, and then...
  6. D

    Sim Settlements 2 and UOF4P Compatible?

    Just wondering if those two mods work together.
  7. A

    Resolved I was already playing Sim Settlements 1 now i want to play 2 in the same play through,

    So I am plaiyng the first sim settlements and i just saw how much better and more intricate Sim Settlements 2 looks and i alreayd had a play through with The original and I was wondering if I could load up Sim Settlements 2 and stop using the old one.Since it said you can't have both of them...
  8. S

    SS2 rise of the common wealth Graygarden plan crashing

    I regret using this plan because I can't enter the settlement without it crashing my game. I'm trying to change the city plan but I can't even get to the desk to change it. I had ONE attack that failed and now settlement happiness is at 20% I got a warning I'll lose it if nothing changes. Is...
  9. DJ Gaming

    I have a big problem with Anybody can Asam Quest

    Sanctuary hills is not building up but is reverting to its default state and no sim settlements stuff is building up for some reason I have attached a video to show what its doing from capture on my Xbox series X Google Drive link of the problem with video footage of the cinematic building view...
  10. C

    Downloading after october 2020

    I was very excited to play SS2 when it first came out but first day it simply didn't work for xbox kinggath did a great job fixing the issue fast bur each quest was unplayable after that for months thankfully I've been able to complete a full playthrough of the first chapter SS2 is now my...
  11. C

    Settlers just standing around 24/7

    Been playing through Sim Settlements 2 for the first time and mostly enjoying it. However i've noticed my settlers in ALL of my settlements just stand around 100% of the time. Even when I click on them and try to assign them it says "this settler has been assigned" but they never move. The Town...
  12. I Punch Demons

    I have a few issues with Sim Settlements 2 and I am trying to identify them.

    So I am not sure if SS2 modifies the Red Rocket settlement, but when I enter it I fall through the floor. This isn't ToD errors. This is literally the Red Rocket Settlement not loading the interior. Maybe I am forgetting a mod. I get intermittent crashing when I attempt to load doors. This fixes...
  13. T

    Chapter 2

    I recently got fallout 4 on pc, i have played the sim settlements 2 and completed the first chapter. is chapter 2 out yet? or is it still being worked on? any help would be appreciated!
  14. H

    Katherine not building her shop in junkyard dog quest

    I assigned Katherine to a industrial plot and she doesn't build anything I've waited for a couple of hours and she just sits in a chair and does nothing. Is there a fix for this?
  15. S

    Leader problems

    I'm using SS2 ver. 1.0.10. I've completed Chapter 1 and have a bunch of settlements set up with city plans -- probably 11 or 12. All of a sudden I can no longer assign leaders. If I try to assign a leader using the City Planner's Desk, I get the message "There are no unique leaders available to...
  16. TheRedLegend

    How to get Sim Settlements 2 working in VR

    With the release of Sim Settlements 2, I noticed that lots of people were asking how to get Sim Settlements 2 to work in VR. For the past year, I have been playing SS2 and SS1 in VR with over 150 mods. So I decided to make this post to help anyone who is trying to play SS1 or SS2 in VR. This is...
  17. C

    SS2 Happy Trails Addon Pack

    Happy Trails - Sim Settlements 2 Addon Pack at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community Finally!
  18. S

    Sims 2 rise of the Commonwealth crashing consistently

    Edit: found a new crash. Do not attach wires to the street lights, it crashes everytime. Hey, guys so idk if it's just me but since I downloaded the rise of the Commonwealth for SS2 it's been crashing constantly. It first happened at Tampines bluff when I replaced the city plan. Crash. Turned...
  19. StellarGamer57

    (XB1) Game crashing in Settlements with SS2 Plots

    So I’ve been having an issue where on fast travel to or just walking into settlements with plots the game will be very laggy and crash within 30secs - 5min. Important note: I do note have UFO4P At first I thought it was just a problem with Sanctuary (Just below build limit, 15 Settlers, 3 dogs...
  20. A

    City plan not starting.

    I assign the town leader through the desk like I should, I do the Cinematic view, I built storage containers (after everything was deleted), I donated items, I give it a while of me just looking at the ground and nothing happens. Not one thing gets built. I constantly have to place everything...