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sim settlements 2

  1. S

    Minutemen settlers don't use their stations

    I am using "Sim Settlements 2" with "We are the minutemen" and "Militarized Minutemen". At my castle all of my settlers are the ones created using Command Table that WATM brings, and they won't use their assigned stations. For example: agricultural plots do provide food, but no local minutemen...
  2. H

    CPD quest Loop

    I completed enough quests to become a Detective for the CPD, only for Andy to seek me out and re-give me "calling potential deputies" which is unfinishable due to the gunner they have captive being long dead. CPD questline is soft locked for me due to this. I had completed the whole questline...
  3. B

    SS2 NPCs fighting other NPCs

    On XBOX, mod list below! Two possibly related issues: 1) When using Wasteland Workshop cages and beta wave emitters, pacified creatures attack Sim Settlement unique settlers (at least pre-recruitment). Example: the pet radscorpions at Finch Farm keep stinging the bejeezus out of Carne Asada as...
  4. Muteki_Inagaki

    Incompatible Ghoul Mods

    I haven't downloaded SS2 yet, but to my understanding it is incompatible with ghoul mods. Is this just mods that change ghoul behaviors or do texture mods count as well? Specifically, I use these mods: Classic Ghouls Replacer Fallout 3 - NV Ghouls...
  5. L

    I think there's a bug in sim settings 2 chapter 2. Help me.

    I'm a user who wants to enjoy sim settings2 detector2, and for some reason, if I check mo2 to play ss2c2, it turns off while loading the save file. I thought it was because of something else, so I tried to use it except for ss2 and ss2c2, but it failed.Sometimes I start it, but I don't know what...
  6. P

    SS with We Are The Minutemen and You and What Army is the perfect threesome I never knew I needed.

    Sim settlements has always had the rebuilding and taking back the wasteland vibe. But paired with all of the above makes it seem like you're taking back swaths of land with every settlement making everywhere safer from sanctuary onwards. I never truly got this feeling until after the pastor...
  7. P

    Jake wont talk to me after radio beacon

    Hey all! Ive decided to start a new game trying to play with a more stable load order but for some reason after i build the recruitment becaon he just follows me around without talking to me. Additionally and maybe unrelated but my hunting mod allows me to harvest creatures with a scripted...
  8. S

    "How to HQ" Hubert bug?

    I play on Xbox series X, and I've just finished cleaning, building in and upgrading the security entrance, engineering Station, and the barracks in the "How to HQ" quest. Afterwards I'm prompted to take to my peers, where Theresa suggests we talk to Hubert at one of my settlements to start a...
  9. A

    Cinematic Camera Kidnapping

    I tried to search but didn't really know what terms to search for so I hope this is not a duplicate. Red Rocket was ready to upgrade the city plan a level. I stood inside the settlement near the workbench expecting the cinematic camera to whisk me away and it never did. I went over to Sanctuary...
  10. Superjesse64

    Where has the time gone?

    Been a while, hasn't it? Lately I've started having shots of nostalgia, thinking back to how far Sim Settlements as a whole has come. Just as a reminder to everyone, Sim Settlements was originally: No new characters outside of the Conquest addon's raider questline. No quests. ASAMs were just...
  11. H

    HQ System Issue

    I have been having a unique problem with the HQ system that goes as follows: I had a quest bug that wouldn't let me complete the "meet with your staff" objective in "How to HQ." I used the holotape to skip the stuck quest. Now I have two issues: Theresa is not in the HQ, and it appears...
  12. V

    [XB1 S] Jake not getting the Pistol and keycard to continue quest. End of the Beginning Bug

    This quest is buggy as I can't seem to carry on with this mod but I can't seem to get the keycard from jake as he doesn't initiate dialogue with you only telling you about getting his Pistol
  13. P

    WSFWResourceManager error.

    I have had a long time problem in my save that my happiness will not move from 20. Through different mods I can see that my happiness target is 68.05~ but it hasn't moved in the past 24 hours of real life time. These are the things I've tried: Update WSFW, Get rid of incompatible mods Restarted...
  14. P

    Where There's Smoke - Quest Bug

    I traveled north to find the gunners and eventually ran into Aiden. It was going smoothly, the dialogue occurred and the gunners attacked. However, after we killed off the gunners Aiden was nowhere to be found. All that is left is a quest marker hovering in the air, and nothing happens when I...
  15. J

    Game crashes when building Recreational plot in SS2

    Hi, i need help. The game crashes every time i try to build a recreational plot in SS2. It goes the same when i was playing SS1. I'm still new to mods, i first came across SS1 before SS2.
  16. F

    "If i had a hammer" quest stuck on 4/5 House and Agriculture/Factory Plots

    As the title says I'm stuck on the "If i had a hammer" quest where it doesn't wanna register the last house or agriculture/factory plots. I have tried using only the Sim Settlements 2 mod (with Workshop Framework and HUDFramework 1.0f) but the problem is still there even if i loaded a previous...
  17. N

    SS2 has a record flag called "Unknown 11, Partial Form" that gets overwritten by other mods. Should I try to fix this?

    I'm about to start a brand new playthrough with The Midnight Ride mods, Sim Settlements 2, and Tales from the Commonwealth (If anyone thinks this would be too script heavy and cause damage, please let me know!) I've recently learned about conflict resolution in xEdit. While looking in xEdit...
  18. ChuckDwhereareyou

    XPRI errors in SS2.esm

    So after updating to the newest SS2 and Workshop Framework, I was doing a patch in FO4Edit and did my usual Check for Errors. Here is what popped up: No idea how to fix those :/
  19. S

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Im trying to use a settlement layout made by one of the modders in the community, for Sanctuary. It was a chore to even get it running at first since i had a cleanup mod that conflicted, naturally. But on a fresh save without said mod, finishing the first SS2 quest, getting ASAMs, and then...
  20. D

    Sim Settlements 2 and UOF4P Compatible?

    Just wondering if those two mods work together.