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bug help

  1. S

    Indoor plot possibly causing crashes

    I've noticed my game crashes most of the time when I place indoor plots inside buildings, I've tried this method in sanctuary, red rocket, Jamaica plain and Taffington. Whenever I place it down after a few seconds of it being built boom crash. Now bare in mind my settlements are small so it's...
  2. R

    Stuck on the quest "The Hub Problem"

    I am at the last part of the quest but instead of Jake saying he needs to meet someone he just ends the conversation at "good find, slick" and then patrols the 2 terminals indefinitely. I have reloaded to previous saves and uninstalled any conversation mods, but the conversation still end...
  3. O

    ASAM “View Details” missing

    I’ve seemed to have lost the ability to view details on my ASAM’s, anyone one else have this issue? Any way to fix?
  4. StellarGamer57

    (XB1) Game crashing in Settlements with SS2 Plots

    So I’ve been having an issue where on fast travel to or just walking into settlements with plots the game will be very laggy and crash within 30secs - 5min. Important note: I do note have UFO4P At first I thought it was just a problem with Sanctuary (Just below build limit, 15 Settlers, 3 dogs...
  5. A

    I'm not sure if my mod is bugged or if I'm just not doing things right. Could use some insight.

    G'day guys, I love this mod, first of all, and I'm really enjoying it, but I've come across a few issues that I can't seem to figure out, even after looking through the forums and via google. First of all, my settlements' happiness seems to randomly plummet. My Castle went from 70 down to 39...
  6. S

    Nuka World- Gage bug conflicts with Sim Settlements 3 in 1 [XBOX1]

    After killing the overboss in the cola cars, Gage remains busy behind the glass, looks like he’s walking, and can’t be interacted with which leaves me stuck in the arena. I disabled every mod I had to no avail only to find out sim settlements 3 in 1 is the only one that conflicts with this...
  7. C

    Vim and Vigor Progression Bug

    When talking to old rusty, in order to give him the units of oil that I talked down to 4, there doesn't appear to be any dialogue for actually giving him the oil. All I can do is progress through the 2 lines of vanilla dialogue and then be unable to talk with him again. I don't appear to have...
  8. M

    Value and Happiness Glitch

    After beating the main quest (Was also the first time I used a city plan), sometimes various settlement values change to an extremely high number (starts with 429) and happiness decreases, it fixes itself once I go to that settlement and open the workshop, it's still really bad, if you don't...
  9. B

    O-M-0R not progressing the Quest "Batteries Not Included"

    The marker points me towards her, but when i talk to her she just gives me common dialogue and not quest related dialogue. I am not using any incompatible mods since i have checked for this problem, idk what else to do.
  10. P

    Glitch: Quest (Laying Foundations) won't advance after I kill all the raiders in the museum.

    I play on a Xbox One S and have tried only enabling SS2 on a clean playthrough and it still won't work. What do I do??
  11. X

    HELP Fast CTD when hovering over plots in SS2 Build Menu

    This problem started after i started the quest to get martial commercial and recreational plots... I can't build at all and it's really frustrating my load order is fine and my mod is 100% updated to latest version and i even disabled all my add-on packs for SS2 i am on PC... The issue goes like...
  12. TopHatFetus

    Merchants don't work post update

    I had franklin assigned as a merchant before the latest update and he worked perfectly. After I updated he has his new crier dialogue but won't ever open the trade menu. I tried assigning him to something else and then reassigning him to a store but it seems sorta busted. Homie just doesn't want...
  13. S

    [PC] Jake vanished after Well Well Well!, Watchful Eye never started

    Hey all, before I get into the issue I want to clarify some (potentially) important info: Checked Solutions for the most common problems, none apply (except for maybe one below). Checked mod conflicts: The only settlement mod I have is This Is Trash which from what I understand is unrelated to...
  14. D

    Main quest help!

    I finished where there's smoke a few days ago and I can't start the next quest if there is one because this is my first play through with this mod. Please help. Edit: it has been over 2 weeks in game and nothing has happened
  15. G

    City plans not working or I'm dumb?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the mod, I'm enjoying the hell out of the quests and I think you deserve some modding award for this project (if that's even a thing...). I can't get city plans to work though, I tried turning of time in the immersion options, tried in a different settlement, reassigned the...
  16. Knümf

    Mechant inventories empty and can't equip my settlers with armor/weapons

    Hi, I have a few questions that I would really appreciate some help with. I have a number of (what I percieve to be) bugs regarding my merchants in my settlement. First of all, some of my merchants won't at all open the trade window when I press E, even though they are labeled with different...
  17. Cold_boi_yes

    Memory lane has seized up (xbox)

    I've got to the point in memory Lane where Hubert shows up and... Nothing happens? I've tried reloading a save to just after I've fixed the generator and nothing happened again am I irreversibly stuck?
  18. Knümf

    "Where there's smoke" cutscene breaks the game for me, and I cannot solve it.

    So I am doing the quest "Where there's smoke" and I am at the cutscene that triggers when you meet Aiden. The cutscene bugs out no matter what I do. The conversation stops, and everyone is silent, I cannot move or do antything but reload a save. I am aware that many other people has had the same...
  19. G

    Well well well, Jake missing

    Jake is not at the hardware store at the start of the quest for "Well Well Well". The Quest Marker only points to the crate outside. i have completed all the other quests leading upto "well well well", i have waited for 24hr at the store, have slept for 24hr but he still does not show up. the...
  20. BuffCan

    [FIXED] City planners desk crash to desktop

    Hey, I'm having a problem with the city planners desk. Everytime I assign a settler to the desk and I select the "yes, tear it all down" option, the animation starts and after one second my game crashes to desktop. I tried reinstalling the mod and fiddling around with my load order, nothing...