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    Hello People,
    Actually Learning all i need to create my own City plans (Transfer Settlement toolkit guide, SS Builder toolkit), i really begin to have a better idea of all the possibilities SS can bring to new playthough, adding more life to settlements. The PDF/YouTube guides are really well explained, in a perfect pedagocical way.
    I'm reading the guide part about creating and injecting a plot building in game. So, to create the static build, it actually requires to use the CK to create it in a lego style way, then to clean the .nif via Nifskope, and set settings in the ck. The only thing that bothers me for the moment is that i really hate to manipulate things in the cell render view of the ck, not a torture, but almost :). Would it be any tip, or solution, allowing to export in the ck, a building made in game, then paste it on the "Editor helper". I'm thinking about Tools/mods like Clipboard or Workshop Plus, that allow to clone things, or use layers, but have no idea of how it would be usefull.
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    This is not possible. You cannot export a model / item from the game and then put it in the CK. You have to build it in CK, add stages etc add it to a quest, add a building plan etc etc. I wanted to do what you ask when I started out. Was really disappointed that you couldn't do it. This is assuming you mean adding a plot building in. If your talking about City Plans only, then ignore everything I said, coz its different rules etc.
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