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  1. T

    Interior Recreation Plots not removing old furniture upon upgrading

    As far as I'm aware (since I avoid using some plots, like Martial), the interior recreation plot is the only plot with this particular bug. When the plot upgrades it will add the new furniture but the old furniture will never be removed. I have to manually go in and refresh every interior...
  2. D

    Bug(?) - Not Enough Resources?

    Hey All. I seem to be having a fair bit of trouble with this mod and 'not enough resources' being the issue. As far as I can tell (new to the Mod, maybe im missing something?) I have enouh resources to build a new Industrial Plot, but when i try to 'start construction' it returns error for Not...
  3. TopHatFetus

    Robots go to their assigned plot and stay there.

    If you have automatron installed, filling your settlement with robots for menial tasks is pretty much a no brainer. The problem is they sorta all congregate in the middle of the settlement and don't move much beyond that. I understand their animations are pretty limited but it would be nice if...
  4. J

    Plotting the Future (Industrial)(Save File Attached)(1.0.0.g)

    So my original issue with Plotting the Future, where the Stranger gets stuck in an animation loop on the agricultural plot (see here: I was able to bypass using a console command (ss2_sirick_mq02...
  5. xarthos

    Primary Bug Report Plotting the Future - Quest does not advance and Jake locks up after building Agricultural Plot

    Just got back from concord, put the farming plot down and he just stands there and stares at it. I feel like it might be related to place anywhere or workshop+?
  6. Sol Fennell

    Question Disable martial plot flags.

    Is there any way to disable the flags on martial plots because they all look a bit weird fluttering in different directions.
  7. JOols

    Concerning Buildings/Plots creation

    Hello People, Actually Learning all i need to create my own City plans (Transfer Settlement toolkit guide, SS Builder toolkit), i really begin to have a better idea of all the possibilities SS can bring to new playthough, adding more life to settlements. The PDF/YouTube guides are really well...
  8. NDCowdy

    Question Odd results moving plots with Place Anywhere

    I've been seeing some strange behaviour with plots that have been moved with Place Anywhere. Until recently using Place Anywhere to nudge the plot marker (invisible shape with pole or fuse box attached) from A to B then refreshing had moved all the plot correctly to B. Now when trying a...
  9. R

    Solved No commercial plots, weird static stalls.

    Hey, ive recently started playing with this mod and have been experiencing a weird problem or i am doing something wrong. I have 0 commercial plots in towns with 12+ people, i also see random objects i cant interact with (assign settlers, or scrap/move) and as i get more and more settlers they...
  10. RayBo

    Suggestion Toggabble Power Pole Size on Exterior Plots.

    ha! This is a really goofy suggestion. :crazy Often, I do odd things with plots like clipping them into abnormal spaces or placing exterior plots in interior spaces. I find myself making caves or overhangs and building more and more in vaults. There are many full sized or singular martial...
  11. Witte Vrouweveld

    Old Post Sanctuary Plots not generating

    In sanctuary it seems the generating of residential plots (and others) has halted. There are plenty of spots that seem to be ment as plotspots. I have tried refreshing the city, refreshing plot, resigning leader, shelter fix, changing leader among other things. Is there any mechanic I am...
  12. Cranky Cat

    Bug Conflict with Wasteland Venturers causes CTD

    A CTD occurs when the internal commercial plot "Military Surplus by Tinuvia" is assigned and starts building. Before or after Wasteland Venturers in the load order the crash occurs right after the "resource is now assigned message". Here's a save started with Eldarth's architect save set up for...
  13. Cranky Cat

    Not a bug CTD when Military Surplus by Tinuvia builds

    I was getting frustrated by frequent CTDs in a settlement and thought the latest SS update might be the culprit. I finally figured out it was the internal commercial plot Military Surplus by Tinuvia. Whenever it starts building I get a CTD. Every time.
  14. Cranky Cat

    1x1 foundations for martial plots?

    There are still some 1x1 plots in the martial category but no foundations for them in SS. I just get a concrete or wood foundation block from the main structure menus though. Will the auto-plots with 3.5.2 work with the 1x1? I like the plots separatel since I don't have to worry about the build...
  15. W

    Mixed plots

    Hey guys, if this was already solved, im sorry. I couldnt find any thread on this. Can you make mixed plots? Like residental + martial on one plot? Would be great to make small hut and above it watchtower. Or shop with bedroom, counting as shop + residental. What about others? Would you like to...
  16. Lancars

    Entertainment Plot. Cat Library.

    A resting area that spawns a buncha cats. Based on the Cat Libraries irl.
  17. Lancars

    Mercenary Bunker Plot Plan.

    This also can be put into wonders but what about a plot plan for a mercenary bunker. Advanced industrial to use the pathing trees. You can hire an NPC as a follower that is basically paid for ever time you hire them. Can be a human or a synth. They can even be ex-faction people from the...
  18. Lancars

    Wonder plan for Plots. (not new plot type)

    So i had an idea cause of one of the updates added something unique to one of the settlements. But why not add that special ability to existing plot types. One settlement can have access to a plan that only that settlement can use like some kinda super entertainment plan or one super...
  19. Cranky Cat

    Idle animation "plots"?

    Instead of trying to add new multi-settler plots, location specific plots, or different sizes of plots maybe just animation marker "plots"? Honestly, it's mostly for commercial plots in those vanilla locations which would be nice to utilize without tearing them down or just using standard vendor...
  20. Cranky Cat

    [SS] Security Office shows under commercial interior plots

    I first noticed this with 3.3.2 but don't know if it was already there. I see the "[SS] Security Office" martial plot listed under commercial interior plots. I already have one placed in 3.3.0 so it was under martial at that point.