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  1. T

    Chapter 2

    I recently got fallout 4 on pc, i have played the sim settlements 2 and completed the first chapter. is chapter 2 out yet? or is it still being worked on? any help would be appreciated!
  2. O

    Bug Sim settlement 1 canot be used with sims settlement 2 please disable one

    Hi i am new in here and i probably dont expect answer since its an ''old'' game but i just installed sim, sims 2 and sims 2 wasteland. But when i load them it appears the message : Sims Settlements.esm was detected. Sim Settlements 2 and the original Sim Settelment should not be used togheter...
  3. O

    Question Somerville Place and The Slog share same leader and settlement stats

    For some reason, Somerville Place and the Slog belong to the same leader and if you change it in one, it will change in the other. I even tried to scrap both settlements, remove city plans and leaders, but it doesn't fix my issue: I'm still getting the same leader for both settlements and...
  4. Stahlhelm_TV

    Question Constantly CTD's with my current Modlist including sim Settelments

    Update 1: Tried to clean the Load order and remove some Mods which where listed as incompatible. (Check Bottom of Post) Update 2: Added a few Recommended Mods and changed WOTC to esm in the header file which should solve problems(nexus mod comment) now Jammer doesn't Talk to me when i enter...
  5. Mexican_Wonder

    Looking for some feedback on my load order

    I recently decided to get back into Fallout 4 after my first attempt at playing with mods failed miserably. Since then I have studied up on how load orders work and I decided to give it another go. I am using MO2 but I do not think LOOT is running correctly as it is placing the SS city plans...
  6. Opposing Forces

    Question [PC]Conqueror 4.1.0 can't assign battlefield scavs and assignments not sticking

    TL;DR 1) assignments don't stick 2) can't assign any role type to martial plot with the battlefield scavenger plan 3)double prompts for assigning roles and locations so i'm running sim settlements 3 in 1, conqueror and workshop framework at the latest versions. i built a battlefield scavenger...
  7. D

    new idea "repair all" for conqueror

    had a grand idea was playing fallout 76 and my settlement was attacked by a scorchbeast and i noticed a key feature fallout 76 has that fo4 doesnt and that is REPAIR ALL the settlements need a repair all feature in fallout 4 especially in conqueror i mean imagine this your going after a new...
  8. peachy_panda

    xbox 1 settlement issues

    i play on x box 1 i'm new to sim settlements. An issue i have recently run into is my game will crash if i enter certain settlements that have city builder on them Vault 88 - i have Codsworth assigned here and i cant walk into the build area of the first cave Taffington boathouse - i have...
  9. M

    Is there a limit on how many add-ons can be run in Sim Settlements at a time?

    I've downloaded a few add-on packs and there are building plans that don't show up in the inventory menu when you manually choose a building plan to build. And unfortunately, it's very inconsistent. I've checked mod pages to see if maybe they were specific to Advanced plot trees or something...
  10. M

    About the tech tree for advanced plots

    Will I be informed if an upgradeable building is missing tech outside of nothing appearing in the inventory menu when picking what route to go to for the given plot? I went through the in-depth series for industrial revolution, and I don't understand how I'll be able to identify everything...
  11. M

    In RoTC, is building separate power generators unnecessary?

    I was confused and ended up trying to wire as much as I could for Sanctuary and making a separate room full of generators to add power to the city whole, and connecting wires to power the plots directly. It seems that plots are powered ambient-ly from something, but should I have left...
  12. Z

    Build High Settlement Mod

    I was using this way before the All Settlements Extended mod ( , and surprisingly, it's been working well(aside from the settlers not assigning their own beds at times). I'm not sure if I should switch to the new one or keep the old one. My question...
  13. E

    Dropping happiness. Help!

    My happiness is dropping at my Longfellow's cabin settlement, but i'm not sure why. I've got my food + water + defence above the number of settlers. Also, it looks like some of the beds are double assigned, but I might be wrong about that one. Any way to check? Here are the stats: People - 8...
  14. Y

    Not sure

    In my current game, I got rid of some of the Sanctuary buildings, and built a level floor that is slightly above the steet ground level....but then gets a ways above as you get closer to the river. I added some SS residentials at the river end of the floor. They got built, but when I try to...