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  1. U

    Best Practices/Tips & Tricks

    Has anyone put together a list of "suggestions" to get the best play-through of SS2? For example, which kind of plots and how many should be used to gain this advantage or benefit? Or, which attributes should you work on for your settlers compared to others? Suggestions on fighting off disease...
  2. N

    Can I safely uninstall Scrap Everything and Insignificant Object Remover? I'm planning on replacing Scrap Everything with Clean My Settlement.

    So I realized that Scrap Everything isn't exactly a safe mod to use after reading the "Mods to Avoid" section of Qolore's The Midnight Ride guide and experiencing a certain issue that I'm almost positive it caused. I also found out that Insignificant Object Remover is at best placebo and at...
  3. Rojobow

    Defenders of the Settlement!

    I’m a few patches back and curious before I start a new game save. Are the spawn-in defenders still randomized regardless of who owns the settlement? I ran into this a couple versions back when the new settlement-faction system rolled out. So I’m wondering if anyone has a recent game where...
  4. VersusXV

    [PS4] VFX Settlement Mods Release

    So I'd seen @Koeran83 status post, remembered he is on PS4 so I figured why not upload all my settlements for PS4! Nuka World Sandbox Settlement: General Atomics Galleria:
  5. Helios117

    No Response Jammer turned hostile... now what?

    I did Jammer's first quest, then refused to join him, he turned hostile and I killed him thinking I could assimilate settlements the 'normal' way but just run-across pre-built cities which I loved the idea of from an immersion standpoint. Thing is... I have no idea how to recruit these...
  6. J

    Old Post Very small plots

    My suggestion would be to have small interior plots the size of half a floor for small rooms. It would be like workstations but more elaborate sim settlement style with three levels and would give half the resources the full plots would give. Cauz sometimes when placing the interior plots there...
  7. L

    Overall Settlement Network Food & Water Production numbers

    Anyone out there have a mod, or existing feature of SS / SMS, that will tell you if you have an overall DEFICIT in Food or Water, taking into account all Dynamic needs adjustments, across your entire Settlement Network? I'm trying to set up specific hyper-farms and water extraction locations...
  8. RayBo

    Settlement MOD Question F4edit

    Hi, do any of you smart folks know if this is a problem? Can I just pull over the pipboy interface and save it to the Breakheart Banks mod? It is disabled currently "installed but never activated in the current save" but I don't want to use it if this is a problem? Maybe if I activated the mod...
  9. CrazyPolack

    Fixed Settlements Resetting Progress to Next Level

    I have this problem where my settlements will get to 100% level 0, not level up, then reset their progress. So far this has happened in Sanctuary and The Castle. I took a look around on the forums for about 5 min and didn't see any issues quite like this so I'm making this new post just in case...
  10. G

    Defense 999 bug

    So I came back to my Starlight Drive-In settlement with about 35 plots, 3 of which are marshal plots. For some reason, my defense rating for all of my plots is 999. Even in settlements that I haven't built anything. I only have SS, SSH, SSIR, and the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch. My happiness is...
  11. wanderer3292

    Trees in settlements each have exact copies

    So I wanted to ask here because I know everyone scraps trees in settlements. I'm having an issue where most trees I pick up or scrap in workshop mode each has an exact copy under it. it's only noticeable if I lift or scrap the tree, otherwise they look normal. I'm using autumn overhaul, I've...
  12. Blocky

    Thanks for Sim Settlements, made a compatible mod

    This is the coolest mod for Fallout 4 I've seen. After watching a few Let's Plays on Youtube of people using Sim Settlements, I tried it and it was awesome-sauce. The games default settlers sounded like they needed an upgrade, now that there was lot more concentration of gameplay around them. I...