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settlement building

  1. L

    Help improve settlement happiness

    I never really had problems with settlement happiness until this mod. Does anyone know any tips to help restore my settlement happiness?
  2. I

    Fallout 4 freezes and crashes constantly

    Hello, I’m new to the community and I do enjoy the mod, but I’ve been having problems with it freezing and crashing constantly. When I first downloaded the mod and a few different mods it worked fine for couple of hours in a new game, but it started to act up when I get close to settlements I’ve...
  3. S

    Do Settlements Auto build Communications to recruit settlers?

    I just finished Chapter 1 of sim settlements 2. It was a lot of fun, but now I just unlocked the communications plot for recruitment. Will My current cities automatically begin building this new plot, or do I have to manually build it? I am currently running sim settlements 2.2.0 b with the...
  4. K

    Suggestion Settler Navmesh fixer for workshop framework

    I love building settlements but hate seeing settlers trying to walk through walls or crowd in a corner instead of following a clear path in front of them. If there could be a way to reset a settlement’s navmesh or something to make the settlers recalculate their movements and take into account...
  5. ChuckDwhereareyou

    Adapted Fallout 76 Bloodied Build and Flying in Workshop don't mix well together...

    So a Bloodied Build from Fallout 76 basically means get enough Rads in your body that your health is permanently (well until RadAway'ed) around 20% (or enough for Nerd Rage to kick in for higher dmg and dmg resist). Plus you want to wear as many Unyielding legendary armor pieces as you can get...
  6. Karvoc

    Kingsport Lighthouse. Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away. Finished.

    Welcome to the Kingsport lighthouse and dock. This will be a settlement for 15 settlers and a player home. It is a settlement that serves the player it will have services that allow the player to really set up a nice place to live. Finished
  7. A

    City plan not starting.

    I assign the town leader through the desk like I should, I do the Cinematic view, I built storage containers (after everything was deleted), I donated items, I give it a while of me just looking at the ground and nothing happens. Not one thing gets built. I constantly have to place everything...
  8. G

    Solved A question of power

    Hi, so I wasn't quite sure where to post this, as it does seem pretty general and may just be me missing a base mod mechanic rather than a bug. IF it is a bug or even a compatibility issue, I'll be happy to move to the bug reporting section. That said, settlement auto-construction seems to...
  9. MrCJohn

    Need input....

    So, I have been working on my own Commonwealth Mega-type settlement build... I have identified and using several custom locations, custom settlements (all non-vanilla settlements). Without spoiling my project, I would like to ask those who have used custom settlements, in the past and...
  10. PunkPrincess

    KleptoHeart - Masters 2019

    Coffee is the aphrodisiac of the self. The fairy who lives in the coffee wants your soul. But you are safe with me...... Well maybe~ Here we go again you guys!
  11. S

    Old Post Resource Deposit's

    so something that has always bothered me while playing simsettlements is how you can seamingly no matter what you can build all the advanced industrial buildings at every settlement that can fit them. now this might not bother others but it kind of bothers me since i play or played games like...
  12. harkness13

    I have decided to give Jamaica Plain a shot!

    I make zero promises of completion, however I am challenging myself to give this a try. Jamaica Plain has always been an interesting location for me, so that shall be where I sow my creative seeds. Watch this space as I attempt to place all the necessary mods, plots and idle markers to make my...
  13. SavageRock

    Promising Mod Vanished

    There was a very promising mod released a couple of weeks ago. The Mod seemed as if it would have been a shoe-in at some point for integration into SS officially, and definitely, at least in my opinion a valuable addon to existing playthroughs... That Mod was Settlers Legends. Does anyone know...
  14. G

    Settlers don't use Plots

    When i place plots and Settlers are auto assigned they won't go their to build but the plots still build themselves. When their done the Settlers never interact with their plots. When i manually assign them the building animation sometimes happens but they still won't use their homes or work...
  15. F

    what are some good building mods

    I have been seeing a lot of nice stuff and building styles/items since i started playing. But I seem to be unable to find a good mod(s) for building. Have yet to find roads Currently I have snap and build it is so so the snap points seam off to me and it is a pain to get stuff snap together...