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  1. M

    Suggestion A standalone part of ROTCW

    Is it possible to make a standalone mod to reset your settlement back to vanilla like the Rotcw City manager does when it prepares to set up a city+ possibly add a wipe settlement for city planer or SS menu to clean it and start fresh.
  2. M

    Question ROTCW City leader

    (Sorry it this is a dupe) I'm on Xbox and would like to know how high to set my settlement size to see progress for setting codsworth as the city manager of sanctuary. On one of your mod issue videos you said not to exceed 100%+ for Xbox users and I'm at about 58. All i see are half built...
  3. M

    Question Rotcw builds

    I'm on Xbox and was wondering how large do I need to increase my settlement size cap to see a full city if I put codsworth in charge of sanctuary. All I see is a bunch of floating stairs and no beds or actual houses yet. I know you said no over 100% increase for Xbox users but I'd like to see...
  4. D

    Is Security Rating Shared between Settlements

    If a settlement has a lot of extra security rating, will any of it be shared or spill over to discourage attacks on nearby settlements? I'm pretty sure that's not how the vanilla game works. And I wouldn't expect it to happen in SS except for one thing. When I do "Rise of the Commonwealth"...
  5. R

    RoTC Cityplan Level 1 where does the scrap/items go?

    Hello, I am wondering what happens to all the items and the scrap from the objects that get removed when you start a new city plan? Are they "consumed" as compensation for all the things that are built? Are they going to the workshop inventory? Also is it worth to scrap everytihng ba hand...
  6. C

    A couple of RoTC autobuild / city plan questions

    I'm running the game on a lower end system, what's the best way to go about letting the scripts do its thing in Rise of the Commonwealth? Is it better for me to just chill there while they layout the foundations or just leave them to it and go a loading screen away? Also, is there anything more...
  7. C

    (RotCw) Drowning in Water Supply

    So I've found when I set up a new settlement with a City planner desk I'm often ending up with a great water surplus (99 or so units) and end up having to spam a load of turrets to increase the defence high enough. Is this intentional or is something up with my install?
  8. Z

    Rotcw Question:City plots

    Once you start your city if you had it set to random at first but you didn't care for the plots it put in various places if you change it to designers choice would refreshing the city change the plots around, or can i scrap the ones that are there and hope the new ones show up?
  9. Jonnan

    RotCW: Donations

    Wondering if I can get some clarifications about the donations system, particularly in regard to upgrades. Okay Donating Weapons/Armor increases defense. Does donating better weapons actually help or is this basically a way to get rid of all those pipe guns and raider armor?? I presume I want...
  10. Jonnan

    Closed RotCW: Visitors dropping dead

    I forgot about this until watching the new videos and visitors. On my previous save (the one where Sanctuary and Red Rocket were crashing badly during/after updating, a bunch of visitors were just dropping dead in Red Rocket. Really specifically, milling about in the 'Right' side of the main...
  11. Industrial One

    ROTC: Power and Water Supply?

    Hi I was just wondering if the settlers build generators and Water pumps later in the settlements, because I started it up in the castle and non of the plots are connected to a power supply not even the main radio (radio freedom) is hooked up not is there a water purifier and it's making the...
  12. Jonnan

    Closed RoTCW: Sanctuary Crash

    Two issues: My first upgrade worked to all appearance flawlessly at the coastal village a new settlement I just started; Crashed with the Cinematic the first time, then seemed to work fine. So I went to try the same thing with Sanctuary; put Preston in charge, crashed consistently. I thought it...
  13. Otherwhere

    Closed [RotCW]Can't use City Planner's Desk Sanctuary(XBox1)

    Once I let the city (Sanctuary) start to build and the desk gets relocated, I am unable to use the desk terminal. The desk is too close to the wall and I can't sit down and use the terminal.