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  1. Cranky Cat

    SS Emitter

    Wasn't there an issue a while back where there were large numbers of invisible Sim Settlement emitters or something in a bug? In a fairly small area I have 5 "SS Emitters" 1930E kgSIM_PBP_SSEmitter. Is that not supposed to happen? It's a pretty small area. I'm playing around in Starlight...
  2. N

    Anyone else having random building materials showing up at Vault 81?

    After downloading and enabling Rise of the Commonwealth and having settlers start building in three different settlements, I can no longer access Vault 81. Upon entering the exterior of the vault, a large shelf is on the walkway. I can go around, but my companions cannot. The elevator used to go...
  3. TopHatFetus

    Are the rooms in cities with the city manager desk considered the players room?

    I noticed that the rooms in cities where the manager desk is placed seem to be void of plots but decorated somewhat, are they intended to be the players "room/house"? And if they arnt is there a room for the player?
  4. J


    hi I just created a settlement in sanctuary but I was wondering if I were to install a mod called sanctuary estates where it changes most of sanctuary will there be any issues with the settlers trying to build? Or can I only have the vanilla sanctuary for everything to work properly? On Xbox...
  5. The_Bacon_Dragon

    2 Questions regarding Patch 3.2.0

    Alright, so I do have a lower end system (laptop) and so far I'm into my playthrough with eleven settlements currently. Some of these have already hit Level 3. Now, I'll prefer to turn the "Respect Limits" option on and after that I'll have to do the steps for "Restore Max" and "Recalculate...
  6. Cranky Cat

    Question Level 4 GAI Hydroponics

    Ok, I went all in on my Sanctuary and converted most of my agricultural plots to GAI Hydroponics when I got the prerequisites. Then I got the level 4 upgrades available and... holy crap, all those little robots! Also, I built a greenhouse around my GAI plots and that kind of got blown out by the...
  7. Cranky Cat

    Question - Does donating scrap affect non-plan settlements?

    Hi all just a quick question. Does donating scrap do anything if I'm not using a city plan and it's just a hand built settlement?
  8. B


    hello everyone, I’ve posted a few times here trying to figure things out which thankfully has led to other users as well as moderators helping me out. However, I’ve reached a point where I’m contemplating doing an entire new play through. I’m on the Xbox one x with a heavily modded play through...
  9. Cranky Cat

    ROtC city plans with specific plans for plots?

    Can you specify which blueprints get built for specific plots in a city plan? I'm mostly thinking about things like the gatehouse or spider gate or those multi-part joined plots such as the Warchild/WarRig house and martial plan or joined left/right apartments, etc.
  10. Aki

    Help with which Forums to post in

    Hi, I've had several questions, but am never sure the appropriate place to post them. Can there be a forum titled "Questions"? It would help solve the problem. Also, where would be the best place to post mod conflicts? Or things you suspect may not be a bug, but could be? Is there a way to...
  11. Azarithkazehana

    Not a bug This is more of a question about the xbox version.

    I've been noticing that when S.S. get an update the file size hasn't been increasing at all which is good but for some reason its been taking way longer to update each time it gets updated about 4 updates ago it took me 5-8 minutes tops to download the one after that took 15 minutes give or take...
  12. Z

    Rotcw Question:City plots

    Once you start your city if you had it set to random at first but you didn't care for the plots it put in various places if you change it to designers choice would refreshing the city change the plots around, or can i scrap the ones that are there and hope the new ones show up?
  13. Craigus17

    Some RotC observations/questions

    So at this moment in time I'm only using RotC at Sanctuary (mainly because I've started a new game and don't want to tie up all of my possible companions) and I have it set to plots being Designers Choice rather than random (so I assume will only use vanilla SS plots unless I manually change...
  14. Craigus17

    Noob modder seeking advice

    Hello everyone I did wade through the forums looking for answers to these questions but didn't find anything. Apologies if it's there but I didn't look hard enough. So I am an Xbox gamer but I've just bought the GOTY edition on steam so that I can start modding. I am very much at step one at...
  15. Cranky Cat

    Can salvage settlers get killed?

    It sounds like settlers don't actually walk the roads like they do with supply lines but I wanted to check. Is there just a calculation so the settler assigned to the radio doesn't actually leave and can't be killed?
  16. B

    Xbox Martial plot question

    Hello everyone, I'm new here so forgive me if I make any mistakes. I was wondering if anyone could clear somethings up for me. I play on a Xbox and currently I have 3 "guard tent" plots in a settlement (The castle) hoping that they would upgrade into minutemen barracks yet they have yet to do...
  17. FryoKnight

    Can you make Quest Requirements for certain plots?

    So, I am planning on making a Add-on that will be adding alot more resources into Sim Settlements, but I was wondering something. Is it possible to lock certain Buildings away until certain quests (from the main game, added in later, or even from other mods) are completed? The main reason I ask...
  18. Legionary

    Defensive/Martial Plots

    Specifically artillery, has anyone made an artillery plot for sim settlements? I know I could just have the game acknowledge all "jobs" as actual SS jobs but I prefer to use Sim Settlements where ever I can
  19. Z

    Build High Settlement Mod

    I was using this way before the All Settlements Extended mod ( , and surprisingly, it's been working well(aside from the settlers not assigning their own beds at times). I'm not sure if I should switch to the new one or keep the old one. My question...
  20. Z

    Can We Have Pictures Of Each Plot Progression?

    I just want to make a multi story houses on top of one another and I don't want them to merge themselves together as they develop.