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  1. P

    SS2 Update: 108

    Big thanks to Kinggath and the community for the update! Anyone know if safe to upgrade to ss2: 1.08 while a quest is active? JUST finished Hub of the Problem and got assigned 'the ron" quest. Should I wait until I finish the ron, any thoughts? thanks in advance.
  2. Z

    A beginner question

    So I just started using sim settlements 1 just yesterday, I did the city plan thing for 4 settlement (still in early progress).z funny thing I just found out that there's the new version of ss i.e sim settlements 2. I'm interested with ss2 so how should I install it? If I uninstall ss1 what will...
  3. M

    Question Regarding Starting A Settlement Over

    I'm just curious if it is possible to completely start over a settlement you've built on and have settlers in. Mainly I just realized "this could be planned out better" the other day and would love to just tear it all down. But I'm not too sure if I demolished all of the plots, would it break...
  4. Astralium

    some questions

    I would like to ask a couple of questions about the building process, I apologize if I did not see the obvious answers in the game. I am not very familiar with the Sim Settlement system, I used city plans on some farms, which I was too lazy to build myself, but never really delved into. First...
  5. Jeff Belinger

    Question Fresh new person looking to make an addon for this mod

    When I mean fresh new, I mean it literally. I will be new to programming, editing, modelling and other development related things. I was so happy playing this mod and it’s addons I just needed to be part of this. Obviously there must be steps for me to take to get started. I am willing to learn...
  6. ACExtravaganza

    Primary Bug Report If I Had a Hammer - Quest fails to update after completing quest objectives

    If I had a hammer has its first two component parts completed, but I didn't receive another stage and the quest didn't complete. There is a bug, but is it that the quest should have finished or is it that a new stage should have started?
  7. D

    Solved Conqueror question

    Can I start the game on a current save? Or does it have to be a new game? Also I didn't know this existed so I was using Rise of the Commonwealth. Will these 2 conflict? Should I uninstall ROTC?
  8. zerohalo100

    Solved Can I switch my faction after/during the questline?

    This is my first time using Conqueror so I basically bumbled into Jammer's quest in Concord and I've been gleefully doing a truly different starting run as a bad guy. However, the whole reason I decided to try Conqueror was because I discovered the Forsaken Vaulters faction pack and I was...
  9. B

    Compatibility with ingame mod menu

    I'm using the 3 in one pack, which has the base, rise of the commonwealth, and the industry guy. I'm interested in a playthrough with the conquerors pack, and wonder if I can use the 3 in one pack which I got from the ingame mod menu with a nexus mod(Or wherever I find it) 3rd party download...
  10. Sol Fennell

    Question Disable martial plot flags.

    Is there any way to disable the flags on martial plots because they all look a bit weird fluttering in different directions.
  11. J

    Question Running Shank's jobs

    So, I did the default setup for Conqueror when starting a new game and ran Jammer's quests through defending my first outpost before doing Nuka-World. When I tried to run the first job through Shank it would not let me pick any settlement to talk to or kill. It kept saying I needed to unlock...
  12. P

    Plot question - adding perks

    Hello, Long time skyrim modder, long time SS player, now getting into F4/SS modding. BACKGROUND I have had an idea for a LONG time (even posted about it before I think) - I want to create some plots that add perks to the player while the plot is occupied and the player is in the settlement. I...
  13. H

    SS vs. Vanilla Agricultural Weirdness

    As I continue to "convert" my existing settlements to full or partial SS infrastructure, food production has definitely gotten weird. Typically, when I put in a SS agricultural plot all hell breaks loose, as settlers assigned to working vanilla foods get reassigned to all sorts of other jobs...
  14. H

    Settlement Water Production Cap? Bug?

    15h (>1 week game world time?) into SS I've noticed that despite water generation of 138 with 11 settlers in Sanctuary, day after day there's only 15 or so new fresh water added to the settlement workbench. I understand that settlers use water, but something ain't right. In a vanilla game...
  15. H

    How to Work With ResidentialPlot Limitation?

    After a few days into my new SS adventure it's become apparent that the main bottleneck limiting settlement population size is the requirement that incoming settlers have a SS residential plot. For big settlements like Sanctuary, not a problem. But I'm working on Red Rocket just using...
  16. Rojobow

    Question Defenders spawn in? 4.2.0

    The latest update is fantastic but i have noticed a random garrison of synth(I'm assuming any random group) defenders will spawn in to help defend Preston & the gang at Sanctuary. I thought they would be easy pickin's but 10 synths spawned in out of no where to help Preston. lol kinda funny but...
  17. Kailan

    Solved Sporatic Invisible Objects

    Hello, For the last two years or so I've had pretty consistant issues with Sim Settlements and certain objects. Objects will appear or disappear seemingly at random and while a refresh will make the items appear again, they will inevitably start disappearing again when I save/reload, move too...
  18. FluffySpaceShark

    Question Is there any way to merge the city plans?

    I really want a large list of options for city plans, but I really don't like the idea of having like 50+ esl files hogging up the list. So, if there is any way to merge them all, or at least ones from each pack, then that would be great. Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask.
  19. M

    Question Missing HUD after enabling Sim Settlements

    Hello and thank you in advanced I have been playing around in till I stumbled around an issue I am having I wanted to get sanctuary up and running so I enabled sim settlements and placed down the city planners' desk after I exited the workshop menu I noticed that some modded elements of my HUD...
  20. commonparadox

    Solved Issue with HUD Widget updating

    Hello everyone, I've come across a bug that doesn't seem to be too common here yet, so I thought I'd post and ask for help. I'm using the Sim Settlements 3-in-1 mod, as well as Conquerer, Def_UI, Valdacil's Sorting, Immersive HUD, and HUD Framework. These are all very recent installs and...