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  1. K

    Question about city plans on existing settlements.

    So I have two questions mainly regarding ROTC. All the SS expansions are new since the last time I played f04 using the mod. 1. I wanted to use the city plan for sanctuary. But I had already built it up previously to where it had 14 settlers before using the plan. I get that it will tear down...
  2. GhostManPRO

    Solved Is this mod recommended for a survival playthrough?

    I am trying to hunt down the best mods for a survival playthrough, and since i found this super cool forum :D i figured I'd ask around, are there any mods that would pair well with this one and survival? Thanks for the help :)
  3. Azarithkazehana

    Question Is anyone working on reducing the file sizes for xbox anymore?

    Just curious cause as of right now with SSM 3 on 1 it takes up more than 1/4 of the available mod space. And if you want any mods that add armor or weapons that's a major problem since most armor and weapon mod can go any where from like 50.00mb all the way to 360.00mb for a single weapon or...
  4. McEvil13

    Question Issue With Tech Tree

    I am not sure if this is a bug, but the option to View the tech Tree in the ASAM sensor on my advanced industrial plot is missing. I hot-keyed the view tech tree button. It never pops up, it says generating, even after an hour of waiting. Also the pre-select path button is also missing. I've...
  5. X

    Question I've messed up a settlement and need help plz

    I've been working on a mod I'm calling Southside Raider Camp. It's a settlement south of Abernathy. The plan was for the player to find it with only a handful of people, move in, and build it up. Problem is, I've messed up the actual settlement in the CK. I'm not sure why it doesn't work and I'm...
  6. L

    Old Post Settlement Perk Magazines and Performance

    Hi everyone, I just started a new FO4 playthrough (never played any of the DLCs) and wanted to do so with Sim Settlements. There are 2 questions/problems I encountered 1. I just arrived at Sunshine Tidings Coop and I can't seem to find the Perk Magazine which should be there in one of the huts...
  7. C

    Old Post Faction Pack Request Question

    if i wanted to request a faction pack from a modder where would i go about doing that?
  8. Sirlach

    Suggestion What should I name my upcoming Martial Add-on Pack?

    I'm trying to decide on what to call my Martial Add-on pack so I am throwing it out there. See the poll above.
  9. Cranky Cat

    Old Post Twenty SS addons = 20 instances of GetAddonRegistrationLock

    So, I frequently see 20+ active scripts running and notice that each Sim Settlement addon has an instance of the following frequently repeating: SimSettlements:AddOnScript (06bd98b6) 4 frames (zero attached 0000000000000000) SimSettlements:AddOnScript.OnTimer()...
  10. S

    Old Post Regular Playthrough

    So i want to use conqueror primarily for the pre built settlements aspect. But I don't want to be a raider. With that, can I install conqueror, choose pre built settlements and just play the game as I would normally? By this I mean that I can go save Preston and then acquire settlements...
  11. Azarithkazehana

    Old Post Do you have to play as a raider in smm conqueror?

    Can you just play normally with the pre-built settlements i kinda hate raiders.
  12. Cranky Cat


    My save is getting larger and larger so I took a look and found 39,000+ instances of WorkshopFramework:Library:ObjectRefs:ProductionRecord. Is this expected? It only accounts for 3MB or so of my save but it's half of the script instances in my save.
  13. Cranky Cat

    Question Robot Workbench still available with the workshop?

    Hey there, the Robot Workbench used to be available when the L2 Robot Workshop was built. Is that no longer the case even if Automatron's quests haven't started? I'm not getting it this time after first building that plot. Thanks!
  14. Legionary

    Question About Ammo Factory Plots

    Hey, I've been away from Fallout 4 for a while and discovered this mod that lets you reform the Institute (With work) so I'm coming back to the game to play an Institute playthrough after chickening out and going Minute Man every time. Anyway, what I've been wondering is this. How good exactly...
  15. MogsPOV

    Plot Multi Use?

    [Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place this just looked like a place for this] I'm a new user to the best FO4 mod ever. And iv been using it for a few days and i had some questions. 1. is the tax system shared between settlements? (im scared to touch it) 2. Can a settler who runs a shop...
  16. Cranky Cat

    Exterior plots with wireless power/no pole

    So, I'd like to make exterior plots without the pole and either provide a power connector on the built plot or rely on wireless power or power connectors manually placed on the built object. Is there a flag for whether or not exterior plots have a power pole? If not that'd be my suggestion; if...
  17. Cranky Cat

    Warning if installing regular base mod instead of 3-in-1?

    Hey, I'm just curious since I downloaded the updated base mod before realizing it wasn't the 3-in-1. If someone used the 3-in-1 and then uninstalls that and installs the base mod do they get a warning that they just installed without RotC and IR? It has the same file names for the mod.
  18. Cranky Cat

    Multiple instances of simsettlements:simparentscript

    Hey all, Just a general question to those who know the internals. I noticed that there are always two instances of simsettlements:simparentscript in my saves even when I create a new game. Should this ever be the case? Isn't this the main quest script for Sim Settlements?
  19. Cranky Cat

    60MB of save file for Sim Settlements?

    My save file has been steadily growing since I installed Sim Settlements and I'm wondering if there is some underlying issue using too many resources and not cleaning up after itself. Just as a test I used the autodestruct and then uninstalled Sim Settlements. With Sim Settlements and 13...
  20. Cranky Cat

    All of those arrays keep growing - Can you verify them?

    Hi, my save game keeps growing just from normal use and the number of arrays associated with Sim Settlement scripts is a significant part of that. Is there any way to make sure that the array are still needed and aren't orphans or otherwise invalid? I don't know that it's a problem but I'm...