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  1. TopHatFetus

    Merchants don't work post update

    I had franklin assigned as a merchant before the latest update and he worked perfectly. After I updated he has his new crier dialogue but won't ever open the trade menu. I tried assigning him to something else and then reassigning him to a store but it seems sorta busted. Homie just doesn't want...
  2. TopHatFetus

    Merchants say their line but don't open the buy menu

    I just updated to the new release of SS2 and my boy franklin won't sell me anything. He says stuff like "Human stuff for human... people!" or "You can use this stuff to buy other stuff!" When I talk to him but the buy menu never opens. Does anyone know what's up?
  3. Knümf

    Mechant inventories empty and can't equip my settlers with armor/weapons

    Hi, I have a few questions that I would really appreciate some help with. I have a number of (what I percieve to be) bugs regarding my merchants in my settlement. First of all, some of my merchants won't at all open the trade window when I press E, even though they are labeled with different...
  4. Lancars

    Old Post Tier 4 Commercial and Legendary Merchant.

    So i don't know where to fully begin but i always wondered why the building itself also couldn't upgrade. But they should have traits in a way based on who they are. Doc Anderson: She provides cheapers services but she doesn't pay much taxes or non at all maybe. Maybe one of them get s a bonus...
  5. R

    Closed [Settler assignment] Weapons dealer & Armour dealer considered as guard

    My case: - 6 shops (each of a kind) - 3 guard posts (plots, not vanilla guard posts) - When everything is assigned, the game sees 5 guards in the town. - Tried to have all-manual assignment and full-auto assignment settings. Subjective Minor Issue: Game considers Weapons dealer & Armour dealer...
  6. Cattalina420

    what shop do i get my drugs from?

    need mentats... most doctors sell me them... the doctors from this dont seem too.. this normal?