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  1. A

    City plan not starting.

    I assign the town leader through the desk like I should, I do the Cinematic view, I built storage containers (after everything was deleted), I donated items, I give it a while of me just looking at the ground and nothing happens. Not one thing gets built. I constantly have to place everything...
  2. Akeeper

    Solved Capturing their settlements

    Hi, I have a question: First I rebuilt the Sanctuary Hills and placed a leader there, then I captured the Red Rocket as a raider. Then I discovered that Sanctuary Hills is available for capture, well, I captured it. Is it normal that I can capture my own settlement?
  3. Opi Vali

    Suggestion Local Leader/Commander

    @kinggath I think you should add a Leader/Commander required On/Off under the local settlement controls. That way when you want a Vassal settlement to be as automated as possible if you want while reserving your companions as commanders for your out posts as required. With all these Leader’s...
  4. H

    Leader Pack Nobody’s leader pack not working

    Hi, I don’t know If I’m just being an idiot or not but I can only use my companions as leaders. I’ve put nobody’s leaders pack at the bottom of my load order and every thing looks fine to me. I’ve tried using vortex to install it I’ve installed it manually. Still nothing works. Any one have any...
  5. Dirk Wiggley

    Solved How do you know when you can remove a settlement leader?

    At what point is it no longer useful to have a settlement leader? I'd like to move those followers to new settlements but I have no idea when it's OK to move them. Regards, Dirk
  6. Jabib

    Question Leadership conflict - Ten Pines Bluff & Somerville Place

    Ran into a hiccup on my last play through where I had Piper running Ten Pines and upon setting up a city plan in Somerville Place found she was already populated as leader there. Changing one to Deacon changed both, so a wire crossed there somewhere. Haven't tested yet on a separate play, so a...
  7. talesofwill

    Question manual upgrades with leaders

    Hello, i have a quick question is it possible to not automate plot and city upgrades while a leader is assigned? I like how a leader manages assignments and plot construction I would just like to be the one who gives the ok to upgrade. Thanks
  8. J

    Bug Plots appearing but indefinitely being build, leaders being de-assigned

    This has been a minor issue in 3.5.*, but I recently upgraded with 4.0.*, (uninstall old then install new), installed Conqueror and Workshop framework. First, leaders become de assigned from the settlements, so all builds are being stopped. Then I scrapped everything (destroyed settlement)...
  9. Q

    What happens when Leaders build?

    I just started with SS, I installed the 3 in One version. I only have one settlement right now, and that's Sanctuary, and I was wondering what happens to all the Sanctuary houses if you build the City Planner Desk and assign a leader to build the settlement - will the Sanctuary houses be...
  10. T

    Why won't leaders go to the planning desk?

    I selected Cait to be the leader, but she won't go to the desk. Also when I leave the settlement it changes the leader to Strong. (He's not even at the settlement) Thanks for your time
  11. J

    Assigning a Mayor

    Hello all!! New guy here :) I’m starting to play with Sim Settlements and been looking here for an answer cause I know it’s probably been asked a few times, but I suck at searching!! :/ So any help would be appreciated. I never play with companions so they’re always at their default places. If I...
  12. Ralkai Shagtten

    Leaders and level 3 cities

    It's suposed to be safe to remove a city leader after it reaches level 3 and move him/her to a new settlement, but I've noticed how on previous levels new plots were appearing as new settlers moved into the settlement (they appeared out of nowhere when the settler arrived, not when the city was...
  13. L

    leader Packs

    Is anyone compiling a list? They aren't being linked in addons so far, probably because they are so small. I've found 3 different ones for vanilla leaders as well as packs for Ellen the Cartographer, Fusion City, Outcasts and Remnants, Recruitable Settlers and Settlers of the Commonwealth.
  14. Ragnarokz

    Resolved Can't Assign leader to some settlements

    So, I can't assign leaders to a handful of settlements, this might be due to some of them having had leaders before, but Egrets Marina (Or whatever that place is called) didn't have anything before, and I still couldn't assign leaders to it. Oddly enough, Strong wouldn't wort at the Marina...
  15. T

    RoTC - Followers/Leaders questions

    Hello! First time poster here. I'm going through yet another full survival play thru using sim settlements. Now with RoTC! Thank you for this very fun and immersive addition to the game. Questions: 1) With the number of current default companions, I am going to run out of leaders for my...