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Solved Capturing their settlements


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Hi, I have a question: First I rebuilt the Sanctuary Hills and placed a leader there, then I captured the Red Rocket as a raider. Then I discovered that Sanctuary Hills is available for capture, well, I captured it.
Is it normal that I can capture my own settlement?


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Yes, is the simple answer.
Basically the Conqueror system is borrowing from the Nuka World gang system. A settlement can be controlled by you, but that doesn't mean that it's controlled by your gang/ faction. To take it for your faction you will need to raid it and turn it into either an outpost or Vassal. You will also find that in most circumstance you can't move npc's between these three types of settlement (without using console commands), and dismissed companions will only go to basic settlements (so can be a good idea to keep at least one settlement that's not owned by your faction).