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  1. Muteki_Inagaki

    Incompatible Ghoul Mods

    I haven't downloaded SS2 yet, but to my understanding it is incompatible with ghoul mods. Is this just mods that change ghoul behaviors or do texture mods count as well? Specifically, I use these mods: Classic Ghouls Replacer Fallout 3 - NV Ghouls...
  2. Meep the Changeling

    Fix for FallUI / Complex Item Sorter breaking SS2's Quests

    I just learned that a lot of people don't know you can tell Mr8's Complex Sorter to skip certain records when sorting. This is a bad thing since Complex Sorter breaks a few of Sim Settlement's quests (sometimes) via doing what it does, renaming records so they sort into FallUI's categories...
  3. N

    Sim Settlements 2 and Red Rocket Settlements mod compatability?

    Hey guys, I've just started playing FO4 again, and it's my first time using SS2. I'm absolutely loving the mod. I have the Red Rocket Settlements mod, which adds workshops to all of the Red Rocket stations in the game. Unfortunately, I can't move any settlers from any settlement to any of...
  4. D

    Sim Settlements 2 and UOF4P Compatible?

    Just wondering if those two mods work together.
  5. SanguineYT

    Start Me Up support?

    Lemme say that I absolutely adore the mod, its easily the best I've seen in a long while and the fact there's more to do with settlements is wonderful. Most, if any, complaints I have I'd say are extremely nitpicky or just bugs in general that may be fixed later. The one issue I've had so far...
  6. Moop515

    Not a bug Compatibility Questions

    Hello! I am just curious as to what this new version will be compatible with? (I.E. the Thuggyverse mods, old SIM settlements addons, general older mods that make big game difs), is there a list or rule of thumb for compatibility going forward? Also, will this be compatible with old save games?
  7. C

    Conqueror x Crimes and punishment

    Hey guys, first time poster so sorry if i break any rules/etiquette but i have a question relating to the compatibility between conqueror and crimes and punishment. Is sim settlement Conqueror compatible with Crimes and punishment? if it is what is the load order for it? if not can i request a...
  8. Spotnyk

    No Response SS with City Overhauls?

    Greetings, Is it okay to use SS/RoTC/IR/Conq (incl pre-gen settlements) with city overhaul mods such as "Better Goodneighbor" or "Diamond City Expansion"? Also, is it okay to use SS with some large new settlement set piece quests like "The Train"?
  9. Lancars

    Alternate Start question.

    I use this version. I only use it to skip the whole pre-war life part and skip to popping out of the cryo chamber. Does SS/IR/ROTC still have issues with it even if i'm coming out of the vault? A terminal won't let you out of the cryo room until you...