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    Hi there - first time poster here.

    I'd like to suggest adding the ability for Workshop Plus to reset the timescale to whatever it was before the player entered Workshop mode, upon exit. Something like "show timescale" -> store in variable -> enter Workshop mode -> do whatever -> exit Workshop mode -> set timescale to "variable".

    In my case, even if I don't have the "freeze time" option on, the timescale resets to 20 every time I exit workshop mode, and I haven't seen an option in the MCM to set it manually.

    For many players, if not most, this is probably irrelevant. But if, like me, you feel that the game feels much better on a timescale of 10 or if you're using the timescale module from Horizon or even any of the timescale mods on the Nexus, this forced reset to a timescale of 20 actually becomes grounds to consider uninstalling the mod completely.

    So, why would this cause someone to consider uninstalling the mod? The first thing is you gain an "extra layer of micromanagement", because if your mind is playing on a timescale of 10, but the game keeps shooting back to 20, you have to consistently make a conscious effort to monitor that factor. If you get engrossed in your game and a lot of things are happening at the same time, it's easily to forget about it, which can lead to problems in more critical and demanding gameplay setups.

    This leads to the next point, which is it "breaks immersion". How on Earth does it break immersion? Well, because you have to open the console and type in "set timescale to 10" every time you're done in Workshop mode, and that's like getting hit by 20 things from CC the moment you exit Vault 111 every time you exit Workshop mode. And that can be quite often if you are an avid builder like myself. Worst of all, unless you have mods installed that enables the use of the console in Survival difficulty, you can't fix it to begin with. I'm not a console player myself, but I don't think they have console at all, regardless of difficulty, so it could break the pace of their games without any of them realizing it or without them having a way to fix it, right?

    Now, in a situation where you are using this in conjunction with Horizon it also becomes "dangerous", because in Horizon you have to do a certain amount of tasks every day to make sure you are ready for the next day. This is especially true early on in the game. So, if you're busy in town, and you think it's still noon~ish, and suddenly you notice the sun has begun setting, you could be in trouble if you are out of food for example and thought you had a lot more time left to go hunting.

    So that's why I'm making this suggestion.

    All the best with the mod!

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    i second this.

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