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workshop plus

  1. K

    Suggestion Settler Navmesh fixer for workshop framework

    I love building settlements but hate seeing settlers trying to walk through walls or crowd in a corner instead of following a clear path in front of them. If there could be a way to reset a settlement’s navmesh or something to make the settlers recalculate their movements and take into account...
  2. Jonnan

    Bug: time stop starting without workshop mode

    After the arrival of the three settlers (One named, but I don't recall her name) in Sanctuary, I found that time would suddenly click into the extreme slow-mo that kicks in when I use workshop. Entering and leaving workshop mode resolves... For 3-10 seconds, then it would kick in again...
  3. A

    Suggestion Consolidate Workshop Inventory between Linked Settlements

    Is it possible to add a feature that consolidates the inventories of all linked settlements in the Workshops? I know there are some mods that make use of something similar, like Global Stash, but I wonder if it could be a feature of Workshop Plus, and just a modification of the Workshop bench...
  4. R

    Question Workshop plus features not working

    Forever ago I played fallout all the time and have recently gotten back into it. I managed to get an old save working again (updated all my mods and whatnot) Unfortunately I cant seem to get W+ working. I have tried the on and off again, hotkeys, reinstalling, checking load order, even started a...
  5. C

    Question Workshop plus flying, speed boost and time frezze not working.

    Hello so I have installed this mod and the free building is working but these other settings do not seem to be working so I cant get flying, speed boost or the time freeze to work for me below is my current load order Not too fussed just wanted the speed boost when building really...
  6. Feliksen

    Question War Never Changes patch

    Hello! After looking which of my mods interfered with Workshop Plus it seems to be the mod War Never Changes - Gameplay Overhaul None of the actions work such as undo or flying. Is there anyway to patch this? Can't post a link to the mod as i haven't posted enough yet.
  7. S

    Can't undo - can't create layers

    Hi! First off - Thanks for a great mod! I have encountered a problem and I can't find a solution. When I try to undo things it says "[WS Plus] Nothing to redo", but I'm not trying to REDO things, I want to UNDO them. If I try to click on the assigned redo-button it says the same thing. I...
  8. S

    Old Post Timescale - Dynamic Reset after exiting W+

    Hi there - first time poster here. I'd like to suggest adding the ability for Workshop Plus to reset the timescale to whatever it was before the player entered Workshop mode, upon exit. Something like "show timescale" -> store in variable -> enter Workshop mode -> do whatever -> exit Workshop...
  9. C

    Closed Doesn't work properly when used with Workshop Plus

    I know it's weird since Kinggath made both mods but I already disabled all my other mods and only left 3: Workshop Framework 1.1.1 Workshop Plus 1.0.4 Sim Settlements All in One 4.0.0a If I place Sim Settlements on top I am able to install it using the holotape but I won't be able to fly in...
  10. RayBo

    Floating Rats WP_1.0.1a

    Oh, some folks may call it a bug so I'll post it. Note: Fly in workshop mode was off. Started a new game. Picked up dogmeat and killed the rats at the Red-Rocket. Adjusted WP to test out the new freeze time. :) pictures are self-explanatory. On a side note "I absolutely loved this Gravity...