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SS2 NPCs fighting other NPCs


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On XBOX, mod list below!

Two possibly related issues:

1) When using Wasteland Workshop cages and beta wave emitters, pacified creatures attack Sim Settlement unique settlers (at least pre-recruitment). Example: the pet radscorpions at Finch Farm keep stinging the bejeezus out of Carne Asada as you try to talk to him, interrupting the dialogue. Doesn't seem to happen with regular visitors (the various "visiting [profession]"). Example: Starlight Drive-In is currently a mole rat preserve, and it hosts visitors just fine (but no unique SS2 have shown up yet).

2) Prof. Goodfeels remain in Sunshine Tidings (thanks to Moddable Robot Settlers). When Hubert got made Mayor there as part of the main quest, his Children of Atom buddies decided to open fire on the poor Professor (I guess he probably holds some heterodox beliefs). I don't know whether they'd also go aggro on Greygarden robots (or Slog ghouls?), but they definitely spare the medical Protectron that Hubert travels with.

This feels like it might qualify as a "bug" (assuming it's not a conflict; see below). Something something faction flags?

It should be said that both are work-aroundable (you avoid #1 by not having a recruitment beacon where you have beta wave emitters, or you'll have to purge your pets if a recruitable settler shows up and you actually want to talk to them; you fix #2 by not assigning Hubert to places with vanilla not-settler NPCs). But, my spouse has a particular playstyle, and it involves lots of critters and robots, so... :unknw

Load order:
Unofficial patch
HUD Framework
Puma’s Longer Power lines
Adjustable UI volume sliders
Craftable Cats
Everyone’s best friend
Cheat terminal
Icebreaker - Settlements - Settler Dialogue Overhaul
More Realistic Cats
Better Settlers XBOX
More Where That Came From
Start Me Up - Full Dialogue
Quick Player Respec
Full Dialogue
Moddable Robot Settlers
SS2 Wasteland Ventures


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Update: when reloading the cell after the latest SS2 update (still no chapter 2 installed), the wasteland workshop beta wave creatures stopped attacking the SS2 unique settler. Hubert's Children of Atom keep attacking Dr. Goodfeels, however.


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It sounds like they are members of opposing factions.
That was my guess! My guess also that it's not WAI, but I'm not sure who to @ about it. The Prof Goodfeels bit feels pretty niche (he only still exists because a mod re-enables him after the settlement is claimed) but the cages/beta wave emitter are DLC so I figured they're supposed to work with SS2 settlers.

Also, another update: When visiting Finch Farm (place where Radscorpions HAD attacked Carne Asada, then stopped), Randy Adams (I think, another unique SS2 settler) was there. The Radscorpions started attacked Carne and Randy. THEN, the Finches started attacking the Radscorpions. The Radscorpions didn't seem to attack the Finches (the Finches kind of boxed them in but weren't getting attacked, so it looks like the 'scorps got stuck on them trying to get to Carne/Randy), didn't show as hostile to the player, and weren't getting shot at by the turrets.

Theory (disclaimer: I don't actually know how anything works!): When Carne's quest was started, it marked him as a settler (safe from creatures), even though the quest wasn't finished yet. When Randy showed up, he was not yet marked as a settler, so he gets stung, and this somehow "reminds" the scorpions that Carne is also a problem. Since Carne is marked as a settler, the Finches joined in.

Since it might be important, I looked up which SS version we're using:

WSF v 63
SS2 v 42