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Xbox Salvage Beacons incompatible with mod - The Collector: Bobbleheads


New Member
Just thought I’d let you and anyone else who uses this fantastic mod that it is currently incompatible with the mod - the collector: bobbleheads. I imagine it’s something to do with this mod utilising old script (?) as that seems to be the problem with other mods that salvage beacons doesn’t work with. Spent quite a bit of time narrowing it down to this mod, so I thought I’d post here and save someone else the trouble, hopefully. When both mods are enabled it causes salvage beacons to day that ‘you haven’t selected a settlement...’ and returns the beacon to your inventory.

Hope this helps,



Well-Known Member
i'd be very apprehensive to include this mod into any play through as it hasn't been updated at all since it was released and the game has received a stack of updates since then.
It has to be said that some mods don't require to be updated once they're published, but this one obviously does, and unless the mod author comes back and updates it i think it is always going to be problematic.