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  1. YummyFatCats

    "Memory Lane" bug Xbox

    In the quest memory lane Jake wants me to give him his screwdriver, but I don't have it in my inventory so he won't respond to me, I believe I scraped it. I have no saves to go back to without losing a large amount of progress. I'm on xbox so I can't use commands. Any help would be appreciated...
  2. YummyFatCats

    Suggestion for Xbox players to debug things.

    I think there should be an option in the holotape to be able to give certain quest items to players incase they scrap It (me) or lose it, or just want to finish a quest fast. I scraped Jake's screwdriver during the quest memory lane and I don't have a save to go back to. So some sort of item...
  3. YummyFatCats

    Primary Bug Report Well Well Well! - Quest fails to update and activating generator does nothing

    I'm on the mission where you have to go in concord civic access to start up some generator. I go into the maintenance to kick the generator and it does nothing when I press kick.
  4. C

    Primary Bug Report Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - Cola is not interactable and quest stage cannot be completed.

    Super impressed with what I've seen of the mod so far. I'm stuck on "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie": I've killed the three raiders and looted the key of Amos' body, but the dog inside the shed does not respond in any way when I activate the "talk" option. Some lower priority stuff: - The robco voice...
  5. atlantanotgeorgia

    Question Somerville Place on XB1

    I seem to keep running into an issue with the Somerville Place City Plans on XB1. No matter which plan I choose, my settlers will take everything down, but not build. I've walked completely away from the cell, waited, etc, but absolutely nothing happens. As far as I know, there should be no...
  6. S

    Question WS+ activation button.

    I did mention this in another thread but since I am still having issues I thought I would start a thread. I assume all the other issues I am having, like none of the settlers assigning correctly or using the assignment caps is due to this issue. I had left the game sit for sometime and opened...
  7. Opi Vali

    Suggestion Layouts, saving on XBox

    Is there no way the WSFW mod can create or use a directory for saving layouts on a Xbox that will not disappear when starting new games, rolling back to a previous save or switching to different saves? Even if you can’t export it off of the Xbox you would be able to use them once you create them...
  8. S

    Xbox Salvage Beacons incompatible with mod - The Collector: Bobbleheads

    Just thought I’d let you and anyone else who uses this fantastic mod that it is currently incompatible with the mod - the collector: bobbleheads. I imagine it’s something to do with this mod utilising old script (?) as that seems to be the problem with other mods that salvage beacons doesn’t...
  9. MadGax

    Question XBOX Can't fly and no speed boost

    Using ver 1.0.5b of WSP on Xbox, with it last in my load order. I cannot fly or gain speed boost. I have the WSP holotape and the tools, but no fly or speed. Both are turned on in the WSP Setting.
  10. NNR

    Question XB1 Triangle Of Death Crash

    Based on researching the subject, this topic has been run over many times, and I apologize if I am beating a dead horse. However, regardless of how much I have looked into it, I still haven't found a proper solution to the issue I am running into other than the Xbox One S isn't great for SS. I...
  11. K

    Conqueror XBox One Bug (Museum/Concord)

    I don't see a Conqueror forum specifically, so posting it here. I am experiencing an inability to close out the quest called "In it for the Money" - specifically, a few things are happening. I am able to get to the point where the guy on the roof (Jammer?) starts the quest. So far so good...
  12. Tinuvia

    Wasteland Venturers now 85MB smaller for xbox!

    We've used a different method for the building plans. This made it possible to reduce the file size of Wasteland Venturers (WV1) by a whopping 85 MB while keeping all the content the same. So grab it now! XB1 Hopefully this will also help you guys with the file management when the new Conqueror...
  13. Tinuvia

    Update for Wasteland Venturers - 7 + 3 new buildings

    Update 4.0.0 (WV2 and AIO): 7 new buildings (+3 in WV1 for a total of 87 building plans in the AIO). Two custom shops: a Raider Grill and a Sad Shoe, thanks to Captain Coots’ excellent tutorial and Eldarth’s scripting magic. Our first industrial plot is a Knobbly radioactive affair with a...
  14. N

    Weird Crash at Murkwater Construction Site

    So i have been tinkering with SS for a little bit and i just learned about the City Planner Desk. Love it. BUt I did it in this location, Murkwater Construction Site, and I tried to lay down a generator because things needed power. And the Game Crashed. I tried to connect power lines, Game...
  15. MrRiley

    Xbox Community Content Was searching for news on whether or not Microsoft would be increasing the mod reserve space for Xbox beyond 2G. The Xbox One X has been running this Mod (and many of the add-on packs) very well, but i know as SS...
  16. Otherwhere

    CBBE comes to the Xbox!

    It's official! CBBE has now been ported to the Xbox, along with a clothing replacers to fit. This opens the whole armor & clothing section up for renewed modding. I for one am very happy about it!
  17. H

    Resolved Xbox ROTC Crashes in Settlements

    I have been running the full 2 GB of mods on Xbox, and when I first installed Sim Settlements, followed by ROTC two days later, things were still running smoothly. Now that the settlements have grown in size (although no settlements have been upgraded to level 2 yet) I have started to experience...
  18. WP ScorpionWind

    Can't Delete Items

    Ight so i have both Sim Settlements [XB1] and Sim Settlements: Rise Of The Commonwealth [XB1] installed from Bethesda net. They aren't my only mods but I can not foresee any of the others causing any conflict. So I'm in Sanctuary Hills. Now I'd like to remove the "clothing store V1 - station...
  19. E

    Closed XBOX Recruitment beacon error

    Since I installed Sim Settlements and ROTC I have noticed that recruitment beacons are acting up. Any quest that requires a beacon to be built cannot be completed without building the beacon, applying power, saving, loading the save, turning off power, and turning back on power(and sometimes...
  20. B


    Hello everyone, If anyone is willing to answer, I have some questions regarding the rise of the commonwealth add on. I’m on the Xbox one x to be exact. 1.) since I have already built up many of my settlements myself with “objects” from other mods such as symbiotic settlements, will that cause...