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Pre War Soldiers guarding settlements! (Not just Railroad, Institute or BOS)


New Member
Hello! My name is Alex and I am pretty much brand new to these forums. However, I have a suggestion that @kinggath might want to hear if he hasn't heard it already.

Backstory: So the settlement im mostly busy developing is Starlight Drive In. Starlight Drive In kind of gave me that "Las Vegas" type feel and I also had it run by Codsworth. However, I started thinking of something once I compared Sanctuary Hills (Which was run by Preston Garvey in my game) and Starlight Drive In. Sanctuary Hills had minutemen gurading the place, while Starlight Drive In felt pretty "vulnerable". After seeing all the commonwealth flags, I thought to myself...

It would be really cool if pre war soldiers could guard your settlements run by companions who are not affiliated with another faction, such as Codsworth.

Please reply if you like this idea ;)