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  1. ArtificialCactus

    Solved Soldiers not being recruited

    basically that's my problem, but before you say "just turn off soldier needs" or "make sure you have enough resources", yes I did turn off soldier needs and waited a day. I even turned it on, waited a day, then turned it back off, waited another day, and my soldier count stayed at 3. And when I...
  2. D

    Question Conqueror Issue

    Whenever arranging my attack force, when I click on the "Soldiers" section, all of my available units automatically fills it up, going over my limit of 15. Clicking on "Soldiers" only gives me the text box of "How many attackers do you want to send?" I cannot edit anything about the "Soldiers"...
  3. Charly

    Question Factionpack "Minuteman" - Soldiers experience buggy?

    Hi, first of all: Very nice job! :) To the bug: - Made one of a soldier my personal squad member - Ranked him up to "Corporal" (Minuteman Factionpack - Liberator) - Released this "Corporal" from my personal squad back to his settlement (Sanctuary) - Slept and quested a few days - Came back to...
  4. PVTsimsons

    Pre War Soldiers guarding settlements! (Not just Railroad, Institute or BOS)

    Hello! My name is Alex and I am pretty much brand new to these forums. However, I have a suggestion that @kinggath might want to hear if he hasn't heard it already. Backstory: So the settlement im mostly busy developing is Starlight Drive In. Starlight Drive In kind of gave me that "Las Vegas"...