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Option to disable NPCs and quests


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Please give us the option to completely disable all NPCs relating to the quests and the mod. Obviously, they'd have to be re-enabled to do quests, but if we're using the cheat mode (which I do because the plots and things are what I use SS2 for and there's already more than enough quests in the game), then they just get in the way.


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EDIT: It really feels more like a DLC questline with settlement building tacked onto the side than adding a little story to the settlement building if you follow how i'm probably badly phrasing it.
That's almost exactly how I've been thinking of it too. It's a 99.97% linear story quest mod, where if you sit quietly and listen to NPCs talk and do things exactly how you are meant to just know without being told for long enough, you MIGHT be allowed to think about building some settlements at some point (but we're not actually going to tell you how any of those mechanics WORK or anything).