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  1. C

    Question about City leaders and "Who can? Asam" quest

    Hello, I recently progressed to "Who can? Asam" quest and I'm left with a choice of a leader. I know that City leaders are needed for City Plans but what other roles or abilities do they have? The reason I'm asking is I want to send all these new settlers to Starlight and pack that place first...
  2. CptMcsausage

    Quest not finishing - QuestID?

    Recently finished only to find that was still selected and hadn't finished, not giving me any of the XP but still counting as completed. It's not a particularly game-breaking issue, as I've been able to progress through the story and meet with all the random named NPCs that have turned up at...
  3. G

    New Plots on the Block stuck

    I'm not sure what exactly has caused it but after building the 2x2 Municipal Plot the quest will not progress, the quest objectives are complete so they're greyed out but the quest itself has not completed or even progressed as Jake nor Old Paul has said anything to be afterwards, I'd rather not...
  4. CrazyPolack

    Quest- Hub of the problem

    This quest has me going into a Vault Tech building and looking around for a replacement Comms thingy. I get there, and search the place several times, but I can't find anything that allows me to finish the quest. I didn't see anyone post about this on the forums so I GUESS nobody else has a...
  5. K

    Grey Matters Problem

    buen día Primero que nada utilizo Google Translate, espero que me pueda ayudar. Tengo un problema con la misión Grey Matters, Aton murió en un momento y nunca me di cuenta de por qué acepté esa misión y comencé a hacer otras misiones con muchas horas de juego. Ahora que quería hacer esa misión...
  6. Cyber101

    Risk of conflict with a Non-Nexus mod & About the Mutants in West Everett?

    I have a companion mod called "Meet Ivy" that I downloaded from that "other" site and it gave me a quest to kill an NPC (Raider Psycho) in Lexington. The Raider I'm supposed to kill was in a sub-area that can be accessed through a trapdoor, the door was locked and I used Console Command to open...
  7. D

    Option to disable NPCs and quests

    Please give us the option to completely disable all NPCs relating to the quests and the mod. Obviously, they'd have to be re-enabled to do quests, but if we're using the cheat mode (which I do because the plots and things are what I use SS2 for and there's already more than enough quests in the...
  8. Afterglow

    Quest: Laying the Foundations, Quick & Detailed Walkthrough, Some Notes

    Laying the Foundations is a Sim Settlements 2 main quest and forms the basic tutorial on ASAM sensors and residential plots. Quick Walkthrough Build and power a Recruitment Radio Beacon Talk to Stranger Build a residential plot Clear raiders out of Concord If the raiders have already been...
  9. Z

    (nvm) Picking Up The Pieces Potential Map Bug

    So, my game is heavily modded, so I don't know if it was another mod or SS2. But once I was on the final trip for the Picking Up The Pieces quest, the map indicator was at the Sentinel haha, the southern most region of the glowing sea. I was quite surprised as it just didn't make much sense to...
  10. Gunny

    Quincy and Gunner's Plaza the End of Sim Settlements 2?

    I had a thought, what if you made the Gunner's Plaza the last mission? It could be like the Brotherhood vs the Enclave in Fallout 3 were you had to help wipe them (Enclave) out. Why not do something similar with the Gunners. Have a sequence like wipe out small Gunner outposts then take Quincy...
  11. K

    Casting a line hostage situation broke

    Im playing on survival difficulty with a few mods and playing through SS2 storyline when i got the quest to deal with a hostage situation with some raiders. I went there to deal with them but even with Jake, Codsworth and Dogmeat(unlimited companions framework) i got my butt kicked by the...
  12. G

    Knowledge Equals Profit Quest not completing

    Since I've only seen one other person make this bug report, I thought it would help to add mine. In my game, the radiant Quest brought me to Mass Pike Tunnel. The quest item was a generic vanilla folder in a green loot chest. Upon picking it up, the quest did not update, but the quest marker now...
  13. M

    Location conflict with MoreXplore

    Quest: Speak with the Powell Family about relocating. Location Grid: F, 1 This spot shares a location with a raider encampment placed by More Xplore making the quest objective unreachable
  14. B

    Primary Bug Report New Plots on the Block - Jake and Old Paul become non-interactable after building plots and quest fails to continue

    So, I am a bit disappointed. I was quite excited with the release, but I am stuck in Sanctuary. Look, I know there have always been issues with the Sanctuary quest and SS, but this has just ceased being fun. I have built the requiresite plots for old Pauly, but noone is building them. I have...
  15. ArtificialCactus

    Question No Quarter For the Wicked not starting

    title pretty much says it all. I dont know if theres some sort of prerequisite for it to begin but things we going pretty well story wise up until I finished collecting doggies for maul, that was about a week and a half ago real time. is there some place I have to go or something I have to do to...
  16. Akeeper

    Question The problem with the quest “In the King's Toilet Room”

    Hello, I have a problem with this quest, I talked with the King and went to get him tongues. After I came to the right place, I did not find any enemies there. Generally nobody but a huge bonfire in the middle. Does anyone know a solution to the problem? Well, or does anyone know how to...
  17. T

    Question Can I Still Complete the Minutemen Questline with Conquerors On?

    I started up Conquerors, killed Jammer, and completed The First Steps by helping Tenpines Bluff. My goal is to create a Minutemen army to help free the commonwealth. Not all workshops have settlements; I figured it would be realistic to have the larger areas be already settled. I have yet to...
  18. N

    Question removing this quest

    i would like to know if there is a way to remove ''city manager : tracking'' from your quest in the pipe boy anyone know how to do it ?
  19. M

    Question Sim Conqueror (WallBustings): Ophelia won't recognize any walls as being placed.

    Can't get past "Build a wall piece for Ophelia", tried setstage and completequest commands, but after a while sqt just stopped working and refused to bring up any more quest IDs. Really enjoying the mod so far, would hate to have my experience cut short by such a minor issue. I've tried...
  20. AmyStark

    Question Solar tower quest

    I'm not sure if there's a bug or if I'm just thick-headed. I can't get the solar tower quest to pop for some reason, if there is an actual quest. I believe there is, given the other IR quests available. I have the solar energy tape, the encrypted schematics and even the Archimedes uplink...