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quest progression

  1. S

    Strange Jake Private Frequency Problem's

    I can't advance the story of SS2 due to a strange bug. Whenever I listen to Jake's private frequency on the pipboy radio it instead plays Archibald's radio frequency instead. This is even weirder because I can also tune in to Archibald's radio frequency and I will get his repeated message over...
  2. CptMcsausage

    Quest not finishing - QuestID?

    Recently finished only to find that was still selected and hadn't finished, not giving me any of the XP but still counting as completed. It's not a particularly game-breaking issue, as I've been able to progress through the story and meet with all the random named NPCs that have turned up at...
  3. K

    Grey Matters Problem

    buen día Primero que nada utilizo Google Translate, espero que me pueda ayudar. Tengo un problema con la misión Grey Matters, Aton murió en un momento y nunca me di cuenta de por qué acepté esa misión y comencé a hacer otras misiones con muchas horas de juego. Ahora que quería hacer esa misión...
  4. S

    Nuka World- Gage bug conflicts with Sim Settlements 3 in 1 [XBOX1]

    After killing the overboss in the cola cars, Gage remains busy behind the glass, looks like he’s walking, and can’t be interacted with which leaves me stuck in the arena. I disabled every mod I had to no avail only to find out sim settlements 3 in 1 is the only one that conflicts with this...
  5. M

    Jake doesn't get in touch anymore.

    So I have the following problem: I have finished the quest "new plots on the block". Since then Jake doesn't get in touch anymore. He is also not in the hardware store. Do I need a certain level to be able to do the next quest? I did "new plots on the block" without explanaition, could this be...
  6. D

    Option to disable NPCs and quests

    Please give us the option to completely disable all NPCs relating to the quests and the mod. Obviously, they'd have to be re-enabled to do quests, but if we're using the cheat mode (which I do because the plots and things are what I use SS2 for and there's already more than enough quests in the...
  7. Afterglow

    Quest: Laying the Foundations, Quick & Detailed Walkthrough, Some Notes

    Laying the Foundations is a Sim Settlements 2 main quest and forms the basic tutorial on ASAM sensors and residential plots. Quick Walkthrough Build and power a Recruitment Radio Beacon Talk to Stranger Build a residential plot Clear raiders out of Concord If the raiders have already been...
  8. F

    [Quest] Where There's Smoke - bugged

    the cut scene from this quest will bug out and every just stops talking. I've searched this whole forum and every one else who had has this problem, their solutions do not work for me. i can not proceed at all with this quest.
  9. F

    can't talk to Aiden/gunner hunter guy

    i get to the cut scene where you and Jake meet Aiden/gunner hunter guy for the first time. when it i try to ask him what happened at the gunner camp, my character does that weird dialogue bug where you don't say anything and are stuck in cutscene. i cant progress from this point on. usually in...
  10. A

    Closed Stranger Not Appearing (1.01)

    Updated the mod to 1.01 and added a few mods on top to restart a new playthrough to avoid some of the bugs I'd run into on my first attempt. Built my radio beacon and the Stranger didn't show up. At this point I have disabled every new mod I added when updating to 1.01 and reinstalled all of the...
  11. AuntieGame

    Vim & Vigor - Quest not updating / Anton issues

    I finished the last helper quest in Vim & Vigor, giving Old Rusty the oil. He thanks me, but the quest marker remains over his head. I went to speak with Cedric, and he confirms I helped everyone, and tells me about a lost patrol. The quest doesn't change from "help rusty", or finish. There are...
  12. Knümf

    "Where there's smoke" cutscene breaks the game for me, and I cannot solve it.

    So I am doing the quest "Where there's smoke" and I am at the cutscene that triggers when you meet Aiden. The cutscene bugs out no matter what I do. The conversation stops, and everyone is silent, I cannot move or do antything but reload a save. I am aware that many other people has had the same...
  13. K

    “More Than Words” quest issue

    This might be something super obvious, but how do I record Magnolia singing for the “More Than Words” quest? I’ve gone through all her dialogue options, or sure what else to try. Thanks
  14. 1

    Quest "check for asam sensors at west everett estates" is stuck / finding Nail

    I met the super mutant Sickles in the estates basement, he was supposed to give me a note from Nail so i could find him, he doesnt give me one, but i found one in the basement (says something about a "big car"), picking it up doesnt trigger anything. So am not sure what to do now, since i dont...
  15. A

    [BUG] Post "If I Had A Hammer" Quest

    I completed the "If I Had A Hammer" quest, then went to the two settlers arguing about making a commercial plot. After dialogue, I travel to Concord to speak with the Stranger. In the middle of dialogue, raiders spawn in Concord, so that cuts the conversation off. Killed the raiders, and now I...
  16. K

    Casting a line hostage situation broke

    Im playing on survival difficulty with a few mods and playing through SS2 storyline when i got the quest to deal with a hostage situation with some raiders. I went there to deal with them but even with Jake, Codsworth and Dogmeat(unlimited companions framework) i got my butt kicked by the...
  17. Psyche

    New Plots on the Block problems

    Version 1.0.0f I've elected to allow Jake to show me the new plot types & built a military, rec, and commercial (in that order) plot, but once the commercial plot was completed, the quest does not progress. Jake and Old Paul just follow the sole survivor around the settlement, but nothing...
  18. Kefke_Wren

    Hub of the Problem? More like Basement of Confusion!

    I honestly reloaded my save more times than I care to admit because I thought that something had broken in the Vault-Tec basement. It's very clever what you have to do, but if you just happen not to look at the right part of the room and see that a normally non-interactable object has a prompt...
  19. B

    Primary Bug Report New Plots on the Block - Jake and Old Paul become non-interactable after building plots and quest fails to continue

    So, I am a bit disappointed. I was quite excited with the release, but I am stuck in Sanctuary. Look, I know there have always been issues with the Sanctuary quest and SS, but this has just ceased being fun. I have built the requiresite plots for old Pauly, but noone is building them. I have...
  20. ACExtravaganza

    Primary Bug Report If I Had a Hammer - Quest fails to update after completing quest objectives

    If I had a hammer has its first two component parts completed, but I didn't receive another stage and the quest didn't complete. There is a bug, but is it that the quest should have finished or is it that a new stage should have started?