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Solved Issue with HUD Widget updating


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Hello everyone, I've come across a bug that doesn't seem to be too common here yet, so I thought I'd post and ask for help. I'm using the Sim Settlements 3-in-1 mod, as well as Conquerer, Def_UI, Valdacil's Sorting, Immersive HUD, and HUD Framework. These are all very recent installs and downloads, and I've run the autopatcher with HUD Framework and tried the patch provided by the mod author both.

My issue is as follows, the HUD widget for Sim Settlements is showing up just fine; and upon loading it will show congruent and correct values in accordance with the workshop stats at the top of the screen. Upon resting or sleeping in the settlement, however, the Happiness meter in the widget sinks to about 10-15 or so, while the workshop still lists happiness in the high forties or fifties. This also occurs if I leave then return to the settlement. If I save, then re-load while inside the settlement boundaries, the widget goes back to normal until I do one of these things again.

So far, I've tried following kinggath's videos for installation to exacting standards for all of the mentioned mods, as well as his troubleshooting tips, but I've yet to really come up with a solution. If anyone could help, I surely would appreciate it. Thanks for the read.


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A know issue and it varies from user to user.
There's not much can be done about it as it depends on the state your PC and loadorder are in.
If you have anything causing script lag, that will affect the result reported by the HUD.