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  1. H

    CPD quest Loop

    I completed enough quests to become a Detective for the CPD, only for Andy to seek me out and re-give me "calling potential deputies" which is unfinishable due to the gunner they have captive being long dead. CPD questline is soft locked for me due to this. I had completed the whole questline...
  2. P

    Ron won't talk to me

    I've been ignoring Ron for a while, and even got all the way to "War is Good for Business" before realizing that I hadn't done any of the unique settler quests. I went back to his shop and tried to talk to him, but he won't talk. He doesn't even have any generic npc dialogue, he just stares at...
  3. N

    Unable to build commercial plots

    As the title says. After the very first plot Jake builds, commercial plots just completely break, and are unable to be built. The only other information i can really give is that the plot says 'Can't afford construction costs', despite all four categories of construction material being full. I...
  4. P

    Ron won't talk to me

    I've been ignoring Ron for a while, and even got all the way to "War is Good for Business" before realizing that I hadn't done any of the unique settler quests. I went back to his shop and tried to talk to him, but he won't talk. He doesn't even have any generic npc dialogue, he just stares at...
  5. B

    Well, Well, Well starting alongside Dark Horizons

    During my Xbox playthrough I encountered a bug where during the quest "Dark Horizons" and when i was given the quest step to go down to the Well it initated two different things. 1) A cutscene that I feel like happens later or earlier in Sim Settlements 2)It gives me the misc objective to tune...
  6. C

    Can we have an option to reset HQ?

    Hey, It seems like a lot of us have HQ issues. (for me : max pop is at 0 in everything except engineering at 2, 11 workers but 13 shown in total...) I spent days and days boosting all i could thinking the pop bug was normal and coming from the fact that concords members were going away, and...
  7. K

    Strange event in Concord.

    I have been playing chapter 2 for about a week and I'm currently on the Commonwealth Rising quest. While looking through the list of quests on this site I noticed that there were quite a few in Concord that I hadn't done, starting after Branigan's Bounty. I travelled to Concord and sought out...
  8. AndyJP

    Minor Compatibility Bug with Creation Club: Shroud Manor

    At Police Precinct 8 in the Fens, there is a terminal you are supposed to read for the quest "Shrouded Manor". If you have completed some of the CPD quests, a CPD terminal is spawned inside of it. The terminal is still readable however, and the quest is unaffected.
  9. P

    Jake wont talk to me after radio beacon

    Hey all! Ive decided to start a new game trying to play with a more stable load order but for some reason after i build the recruitment becaon he just follows me around without talking to me. Additionally and maybe unrelated but my hunting mod allows me to harvest creatures with a scripted...
  10. Z

    Probable incompatibility between the Up in Smoke quest and the Weapons Overhaul Redux mod.

    So I was going through UIS with WOR installed and when it get's to Aiden shooting the Gunner behind me and Jake nothing happens, I hear the gun shoot until the mag runs dry and that's it, the gunner doesn't die and the conversation mode doesn't stop leaving me trapped and I'm forced to reload a...
  11. T

    Laying Foundations Quest Completed But Can't Untrack

    Hi, Decided to restart a playthrough, just done Laying Foundations with the Stranger. The quest is in the completed list but the square next to it shows it is still selected. And I can't remove that tickbox. I saw people saying it happens in vanilla FO4, and time will correct it. But I don't...
  12. M

    Quest Bug

    I encounterd 2 Quest bugs: Branigan‘s bounty: I can‘t talk to craig the other one; I shot at him i tried to get the key opend the door after i talked to him tried disable and enable Collecting Publications Detail After i completed this quest and finished the the following quest where you...
  13. Femi_Winters

    Bug: How To HQ

    I am currently having the issue with 'How To HQ, Setting up the supply line.' When I go talk to Stodge he just repeats the same line over and over for about ten minutes with nothing happening after words. I have tried leaving the area or restarting the quest as well as switching between the beta...
  14. T

    HQ Negative Supplies / Caravan Network

    Hi, couple bugs here. I have used the solution @kinggath gave in a previous archived forum thread. I have deleted the unreferenced active scripts as seen in resaver then used the UFO4P_DisengageLock (or similar can't remember the exact wording). Upon reloading the save with Hotfix 2.0.0e the...
  15. T

    Gunner Plaza Exterior Hostiles / high Floating Tree Trunks

    I have advanced the story up to the point of the takeover of this location. Now when I arrive at GNN exterior there is a respawning raider or two that attacks when I get close to the door. Wouldn't the security deal with that? Does Security patrol outside the HQ? There were still enemies on the...
  16. T

    RotC City Plans Missing Power Lines

    Hi, Using the detailed Return of the Commonwealth. When cities are being built they do not place all the power lines they should. I have to finish manually placing them. Select then tab the ones that don't actually connect to reconnect them correctly. Even the "Run City Power Lines" desk...
  17. J

    Theresas ID?

    I started Chapter 2 before the patches and I'm at the Quest where I need to speak with her. I can't reload to a save before How to HQ because I don't have any anymore. Can someone give me the ID of Theresa so I can get her to me?
  18. SupremacyRose

    HQ Scrap Capacity Malfunction

    During the tutorial, the scrap capacity feature worked when we got Stodge to agree to supply us. When the tutorial for the HQ ended, my scrap went to 0 and It's not fixing.
  19. Urik Valkyer

    Malden HS Lab Key Card. [Solved]

    I have no idea where the Key card is but just past the Atrium, towards the medical wing/Kill house(firing range), There is 4 Gunners stuck inside the walls above me, they can shoot me but Aiden and I cannot kill them... Do I need to reload a save? or do I leave the Cell and try again? or is it a...
  20. T

    Unique Settlers Disappear After Regular Settler Caravan Assignment

    Hi, I have a weird bug tonight. Just installed Chapter 2. I'm on Abernathy Farm. The Abernathy Family are not relocatable and always live there. I want to use the regular caravan with a regular settler to sync the virtual Building Materials for construction of a Municipal Plot Caravan Service...