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  1. G

    Darsenia Two and Charles Baker bug

    1. Darsenia Two this occur when i ask Ron for potential recruits, he point it to Darsenia Two, even tho she already my settler, thus now the quest stuck, i can't interact with her other than just simple dialogue, and the quest didnt want to recognize it, not sure where the bug really is, either...
  2. daretadakatsu

    CTD when entering Sanctuary Cell

    My friend is having issues with this; Posting it on his behalf. I believe the communications level 3 municipal plot is causing a CTD. In Sanctuary when the plot was level 2 upgrading to level 3. Left Sanctuary to do some quests before upgrade was complete. Received message "Settler has finished...
  3. F

    [Quest] Where There's Smoke - bugged

    the cut scene from this quest will bug out and every just stops talking. I've searched this whole forum and every one else who had has this problem, their solutions do not work for me. i can not proceed at all with this quest.
  4. N

    PC - C2D after viewing item Junk Sculpture - Bowling Trophy [Quest: Not All Artists Starve]

    Hi! I've already solved my issue, but want to help so I'll post the bug and player-side solution here. Edit: After continued play for a bit, a new follow-up quest Short version: Main issues Quest: [Not All Artists Starve] 1: After retrieving the desired item from quest giver, makes player...
  5. Knümf

    Mechant inventories empty and can't equip my settlers with armor/weapons

    Hi, I have a few questions that I would really appreciate some help with. I have a number of (what I percieve to be) bugs regarding my merchants in my settlement. First of all, some of my merchants won't at all open the trade window when I press E, even though they are labeled with different...
  6. Volomon

    Cast a line

    After Old Paul comes to retrieve the player. If the player deviates from the path it appears to cause a script error and crashes. If I follow the road and Paul it does not. During this sequence if you leave the game paused for too long the screen goes black. Currently unable to figure out if...
  7. Jonnan

    Bug: time stop starting without workshop mode

    After the arrival of the three settlers (One named, but I don't recall her name) in Sanctuary, I found that time would suddenly click into the extreme slow-mo that kicks in when I use workshop. Entering and leaving workshop mode resolves... For 3-10 seconds, then it would kick in again...
  8. J

    Laying the Foundations - Cant progress past "Clear the Raiders"

    Ive been having this issue where, whatever i do, i cant progress past the "Clear the Raiders" part of the Laying the Foundations quest. Once i kill all the raiders outside, the quest objective completes, but Jake dosnt say anything. Neither does Preston. Nothing happens... If i enter the...
  9. M

    **bug report** failed startup of sim settlements 2

    this all started as i decided to restart fo4 with more of an eye towards not overloading sanctuary with settlers and crashing my game with too many unique and interesting settlers in one place. upon startup i got the dreaded "failed startup of sim settlements 2" followed by the save file...
  10. F

    Requesting a mod/patch to disable the HUDFramework messages, for VR players.

    As the title says, the HUDFramework doesn't really work in VR, which means you get spammed with constant error messages/pop-ups as long as you're anywhere near a settlement, which is annoying and makes it hard to see. A simple tweak to disable any and all HUDFramework error messages/broken...
  11. S

    [BUG] Quest: “who can? ASAM!” doesn’t start

    I run version 1.0.0g Towards the end of the “Memory Lane” quest the player interacts with old Paul and Hubert, offering them help. Once the conversation is concluded I received the box of ASAMs, old Paul leaves concord and the the quest is completed, giving the exp. However, the following...
  12. T

    Addon Pack Registration Failed. Anybody Else Experience This?

    Played an hour last night to set up SS2 for myself, and find myself at Red Rocket with the Stranger after only an hour of playtime. When I loaded my saved game, I got this message: Addon pack registration failed. The registered name in the config object field sAddonFilename: SS2.esm does not...
  13. J

    Plotting the Future (Industrial)(Save File Attached)(1.0.0.g)

    So my original issue with Plotting the Future, where the Stranger gets stuck in an animation loop on the agricultural plot (see here: I was able to bypass using a console command (ss2_sirick_mq02...
  14. P

    Stranger Still Wont Spawn

    Hi, I started modding fallout 4 again for this mod in particular and I really cannot get it to work no matter how hard i try. I've installed literally only script extender, HUDframework 1.0f, Workshopframework 2.0.5, and Sim Settlements 2 obviously 1.0.0g. Ive started multiple characters, did...
  15. YummyFatCats

    "Memory Lane" bug Xbox

    In the quest memory lane Jake wants me to give him his screwdriver, but I don't have it in my inventory so he won't respond to me, I believe I scraped it. I have no saves to go back to without losing a large amount of progress. I'm on xbox so I can't use commands. Any help would be appreciated...
  16. M

    (Patch 1.0G) Who can? Asam! quest still broken when trying to talk to sturge.

    The new patch (G) does allow me one more line, but it doesn't complete the quest objective to talk to him. What might of cause it is that I was waiting for him to arrive at Murkwater and got bored as the quest said to meet him there. I built the desk prior to his arrival and then left to the...
  17. YummyFatCats

    Suggestion for Xbox players to debug things.

    I think there should be an option in the holotape to be able to give certain quest items to players incase they scrap It (me) or lose it, or just want to finish a quest fast. I scraped Jake's screwdriver during the quest memory lane and I don't have a save to go back to. So some sort of item...
  18. S

    possible bug with vault tec basement

    When you go into the initial basement, uncover the mats, then go pick the lock for the beckon hill door, go out the door, and come back in, jake will register it as you going into the subbasement, the quest will get stuck there, he will not move.
  19. S

    Agriculture Plot not Unlocking for Plotting the Future

    So first of all, I'm still really new to Sim Settlements in general, I decided to try upgrading from Sim Settlements 1 to 2, and I'm having an issue with the Plotting the Future quest. I've tried loading an early save (before starting the first sim settlement quest) to see if it would trigger...
  20. Xross

    Question Contest city plans for RDRKT crash

    The NWC red rocket city plan crashes my game I only have the contest version loaded why does it do this? Am I missing content?