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  1. T

    Interior Recreation Plots not removing old furniture upon upgrading

    As far as I'm aware (since I avoid using some plots, like Martial), the interior recreation plot is the only plot with this particular bug. When the plot upgrades it will add the new furniture but the old furniture will never be removed. I have to manually go in and refresh every interior...
  2. J

    Dogmeat Stuck in the Cellar

    I discovered a bug where Dog (he hasn't gotten his Dogmeat moniker) gets stuck in the Cellar at the Ranger's Cabin. When reentering the cellar, Dog is still there, and when I leave again, he remained. To get Dog back, I had to disable SS2 and wait in Sanctuary for him to return to me. Once he...
  3. S

    Strange Jake Private Frequency Problem's

    I can't advance the story of SS2 due to a strange bug. Whenever I listen to Jake's private frequency on the pipboy radio it instead plays Archibald's radio frequency instead. This is even weirder because I can also tune in to Archibald's radio frequency and I will get his repeated message over...
  4. Kefke_Wren

    Unable to Produce Food

    On my current save, I built my initial settlement at Red Rocket. Things were going well initially, until I left to do a few missions, and returned after several hours of gameplay to find that my settlement's food production was at zero, though strangely still green. In build mode, the plots said...
  5. F

    Discovery System fails if player is not at discovery location when caravan returns

    After testing this multiple times on different locations I am pretty sure the settler location discovery from a caravan searching a location with a Mark I Beacon fails to correctly unlock plots if the player is not (still?) at the discovery location when the caravan returns to it's original...
  6. G

    Plots not building, can't interact with ASAMs, terminal for city planner doesn't exist etc.

    I just loaded my game back up and my only save, had just unlocked the four new plot types, knew what they were already so skipped the quest for them. Went back to Sanctuary to build up some of the new plots but now plots won't build up at all, I can place the invisible plot building as well as...
  7. E

    Unable to relocate named settlers to a new settlement

    I.e. the "Cave Family" so that their cow will stay outside the building next to the brahmin pen. I can't move that critter outside, but I read that if I forced the family to relocate the cow will stay outside. I can't relo the family. Is this a bug/feature I had no idea about?
  8. G

    New Plots on the Block stuck

    I'm not sure what exactly has caused it but after building the 2x2 Municipal Plot the quest will not progress, the quest objectives are complete so they're greyed out but the quest itself has not completed or even progressed as Jake nor Old Paul has said anything to be afterwards, I'd rather not...
  9. TheManiaac

    Who Can? ASAM! Cannot progress

    So I've recently started the Who Can? ASAM! quest, and I met up with Hubert's people. Problem is, however, that when I try to speak to anyone, they either say hello, or nothing at all. (Hubert himself and Stodge, the one the quest maker is above). I can't start any conversation with them. If...
  10. D

    Where There's Smoke bug or glitch

    It tells me to operate the radio and tune it to the right frequency but I don't how to do it or it's a bug
  11. M

    My game keeps crashing at taffington boat house!?

    I have a city plan the one the comes in the mod (simsettlements 2) and once the city plan reaches a certain point and when I walk into the house and a settler talks to me the game always crashes
  12. N

    Vim and Vigor, Katlin nonresponsive.

    This mod is beginning to frustrate me. After having to console the Robco Schematics back into my inventory to talk to Cedric, I am running into another dialogue issue with Katlin. I have removed the blockage in the lake and my current quest objectives are: - Report Success to Katlin - Help...
  13. D

    Bug(?) - Not Enough Resources?

    Hey All. I seem to be having a fair bit of trouble with this mod and 'not enough resources' being the issue. As far as I can tell (new to the Mod, maybe im missing something?) I have enouh resources to build a new Industrial Plot, but when i try to 'start construction' it returns error for Not...
  14. V

    For those having crashes in Concord when using W.A.T.M (or any major mods)

    So, for some time I've been having CTDs when approaching Concord (or any heavily scripted area) like MANY of you, and I may have found the source of the problem for you because yesterday I've fixed my CTDs [YAY! :D] (even when using mods such as Horizon which is a complete overhaul). So, after...
  15. L

    "New Plots on the Block" - Animation Bug

    I found a bug with this quest, after I activated the Comm-Hub, Jake in of doing a tweaking/fixing animation he would instead stop talking and stare blankly at the machine and stop talking. In the meantime while he stares blankly at the machine, I am also able to walk through him. Unable to...
  16. J

    [BUGs] the Grudge, ASAM undeletable, fake building upgrades, blank plan & leader lists

    So I started up a brand new, absolutely clean save, to test SS2, for a four-day in-game time. These are some uncommon bugs which other players didn't mention: 1. Side mission stuck - The Grudge: Bounty Hunter's body has been cleared, but stage was not marked as done. The bot in next stage didn't...
  17. M

    Value and Happiness Glitch

    After beating the main quest (Was also the first time I used a city plan), sometimes various settlement values change to an extremely high number (starts with 429) and happiness decreases, it fixes itself once I go to that settlement and open the workshop, it's still really bad, if you don't...
  18. B

    Jake locks up after the "Where There's Smoke" quest.

    Help, I'm trying to start the Memory Lane quest but, Jake won't speak to me and if he does sit down at the radio he just stans back up. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  19. AndyJP

    Fixed (PC) Building Plans no longer appear for Plot Types

    I am currently experiencing an issue in all settlements where I seem to have lost the ability to choose any building plan for some (but not all) plot types. The only building plan available to me in these plot types is "Random", which will correctly build a random plan for the plot type. The...
  20. Elidar

    City planner desk and leader assignment problems (bugs?)

    Hello there! I tried searching the forums for the problem I am experiencing, but to no avail. Perhaps I am just doing something wrong or searching in the wrong way. If so, please excuse me in advance. I am using SS2 v 1.0.3 (although I faced this in 1.0.2. as well). The problem itself is that I...