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  1. Choochoo1

    Question Bug with random clutter?

    So I started trying out the random clutter making a shelf with Nuka's on it and for some reason the clutter script seems to keep lagging out or bugging out. It will start placing the nuka' but for some reason it does not place all of them. once it placed all of them but most of the time it only...
  2. Lizardo

    Question NPC roles completely broken -- slave warriors, faction guards as workers, enslaved dog, + more bugs

    I'm playing on Conqueror, latest patch, although this bug has been happening my entire playthrough (began two patches ago, bug existed each time). Basically, NPC roles are completely broken. There is a dog in my outpost that is called "captive" I currently have a human slave as one of my...
  3. B

    Question Victoria Companion Squad Command Issue

    Anyone else having an issue with the T0-R1 Victoria Standalone Companion mod and Squad Commands? As soon as I change the Squad Command setting to have Companions follow squad orders, the Victoria companion stops following you completely and just idles in it's current position. You're able to...
  4. Garrett

    Question Not able to run ss or ss conqueror

    hi, i’m new to sim settlements but i really want to get into conquerer. i watched all of kinggaths tutorial videos on youtube. but when i tried to run the game with only sim settlements and conqueror my game would be super choppy and would ultimately crash. it was very often. i found it...
  5. P

    Question I think jammer is bugged (I refuse to say jammed)

    This is my first modded playthrough and second overall. I used the alternate start mod to spawn as a level 5 mercenary in concord. Found jammer, killed the raiders and Preston's group, except for Preston's quest not disappearing after I failed it all seems good. I finished killing the three...
  6. Red Eye Ragnarok

    Question Endless Spawning of Soldiers - with steps for reproduction

    Unexpected behaviour: A sheer endless amount of soldier NPCs spawns; Expected behaviour: Only up to maximal amount of the day soldier NPCs spawn; Steps for reproduction: Have a faction and Sim Settlements unlocked Take control over an empty settlement via the War Planner's Desk (Note: In my...
  7. GH05T

    Bug stopping me progressing

    so i attaked my first outpost and now i built war desk janner dosent speak to me and it still says to build a war desk can someone tell me how to fix this ????
  8. O

    Question Somerville Place and The Slog share same leader and settlement stats

    For some reason, Somerville Place and the Slog belong to the same leader and if you change it in one, it will change in the other. I even tried to scrap both settlements, remove city plans and leaders, but it doesn't fix my issue: I'm still getting the same leader for both settlements and...
  9. Choochoo1

    Solved Floating head bug

    So I hope this is the right place to report this, I was building in vault 88 and exited build mode and noticed I was still floating. When I went into third person I found myself with just a head. Apparently something bugged out and left me as the floating head race from the free build mode. I...
  10. jborn4

    Question jammer “hey you, over here...” dialog won’t stop

    (XB1) so i finished the quests for jammer and completed the first raid, but whenever i’m near him he just keeps repeating the lines “hey you, over here!” “yeah i’m talking to you!”, etc and will NOT stop. i deleted some other mods i was using to see if that changed anything and changed the load...
  11. M

    Solved Can't enable Conqueror or Workshop Framework

    I can enable any other mods, but whenever I enable Conqueror and Workshop Framework it gets disabled and I have tried to enable it 20 times but I can't get it enabled. SS works fine and I can enable it though.
  12. ShadeDante

    Question No building plans in ASAM plot sensor

    Good evening everyone So I just made an account on this forum because first of all, I love Sim settlements and its submods. Second of all, I also made it to ask for help regarding a bug. When I added northfields to my modlist, and after putting it on the bottom of my plugins loading order, I...
  13. G

    Solved New Game Doesn't Start

    On starting a new game with Conqueror installed, the game refuses to start. I can install any mods except Conqueror and the game will begin just fine. Specifically, when I select "New Game" I hit an infinite loading screen before the "War Never Changes" start cinematic. Originally, I thought I...
  14. Charly

    Question Factionpack "Minuteman" - Soldiers experience buggy?

    Hi, first of all: Very nice job! :) To the bug: - Made one of a soldier my personal squad member - Ranked him up to "Corporal" (Minuteman Factionpack - Liberator) - Released this "Corporal" from my personal squad back to his settlement (Sanctuary) - Slept and quested a few days - Came back to...
  15. A

    Bug OH 3x3 Farms

    Hello sir, after trying ur addon, your farm 3x3 is unable to generate?-draw?- textures also i was unable to upgrade it to anything else that "Upgraded Mill (level 3). Could you please look at it? Thank you, AlbYy
  16. A

    Bug Floating Market Bug

    Hello Sir, After building "Floating Market and upgrading it to level 3 settler doesn't sell anything. He's acting just like regular settler (since level 1). Is It possible to repair it? Thank you, AlbYy
  17. I Punch Demons

    Solved I no longer have the cut scene with city plans...

    Problem: When I assign a city plan to my settlement I no longer get the flyby, however, no other issues are present. Platform: PC Background Whenever I assign a new leader of my settlement or I assign a city plan manually I no longer get the nice fly-by cutscene that prevents me from leaving...
  18. S

    Question Menu does not appear

    i tried to unisntall and reinstall sim settlement conqueror an sim settlement 3 in 1 and nothing happens removed unofficial patch start me up mod and still menu where i choose graphics does not apper i even used console to find City Manager 2078 Holotape but even console command cant find it any...
  19. CameronJ

    Question Can't seem to get the Conqueror HUD to appear?

    Hi, not don't think anyone else has this issue as far as I've seen so this might be new. The only mods I have running are the Sim Settlements 3 in 1 pack, Conqueror, the Minutemen Faction pack by Doogle63, Workshop Framework, HUD framework, and the Unofficial Fallout 4 patch. I can't, no...
  20. OffYourTopic

    Question Ophelia walks back to HQ in the middle of quest

    At the moment I'm attempting to do the quest "A burden to bear" and it seems that whenever Ophelia takes damage, or even enters combat, she immediately gives up on the quest and just walks back to HQ. This also happened during the quest "Raucous reconnoitering" whenever Jammer or Ophelia would...