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Blueprint controller layers incorrect

Cranky Cat

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This might be related to the "To build a blueprint, you must trade it to the vendor" reported in another thread.
The available layers in the blueprint controller doesn't always match the actual existing layers. So, if I have created layers 0,1, and 2 and then delete layers 1 and 2 then the controller will still show the deleted layers in the lists for creating a blueprint or building from one. Trying to build on a new or existing layer at this point shows the error even after I "trade" the selected blueprint. I don't know of a way to avoid the issue other than perhaps clearing and reusing layers without deleting them. It's possible that the configuration option to clear all layers does the same thing but I specifically used the delete layer to remove temporary items with the layer before the problem occurred.

Perhaps the logic for deleting layers doesn't update the values used by the blueprint controller.

Edit: If I go to a new settlement the layers are still incorrect. If I try to build in an existing, empty, layer then it may hang the game after the layer is selected and before the trade dialog.
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