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    I really like Femshepping as an author but as sometimes happens folks do their best of work when other things are not going so well. Though I want to tend toward sim settlement related material I always keep in mind that we are a part of a bigger community. So when reading that things could be going better for her I felt inspired to do something positive so maybe she would feel my appreciation as a user and a fan.

    For thoughts of you who have never been to Oberland Station in this playthrough, this might be an alternative to building everything yourself or using a city plan or just an opportunity to recognize an author that has shared so much of their time and creativity with us all for so many years. :friends


    :acute My videos are not all that good, which is fine by me. As this is entirely about an author and their contribution.

    This is part of a Revived Settlement Series. After trying all of them all but one of them. I thought they were amazing. Below is the link to all her generosity. :declare
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    These are very cool - she does super nice work. I just pulled down Jamaica Plains, Oberland Station, County Crossing, and Sommerville Place. Don't forget to drop those Kudos on Nexus!
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