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  1. John J Murray III

    Question question about 2 mods by Thaylor and using them both in a settlement build

    would both of Thaylars sanctuary mods be able to be loaded in with workshop frame work as the alter 2 seperate areas in sanctuary?
  2. M

    Question ROTCW City leader

    (Sorry it this is a dupe) I'm on Xbox and would like to know how high to set my settlement size to see progress for setting codsworth as the city manager of sanctuary. On one of your mod issue videos you said not to exceed 100%+ for Xbox users and I'm at about 58. All i see are half built...
  3. M

    Question Rotcw builds

    I'm on Xbox and was wondering how large do I need to increase my settlement size cap to see a full city if I put codsworth in charge of sanctuary. All I see is a bunch of floating stairs and no beds or actual houses yet. I know you said no over 100% increase for Xbox users but I'd like to see...
  4. MrPlayerYork

    Solved Annoying Rosa

    Hey SS fam, so I have had a problem with SS (been gone for a year and still there) where the floating text "ROSA" is in the middle of the town. I saw somewhere that you need to scrap all the mailboxes or something before converting your settlement, so I did that, and there's no "rosa" letters...
  5. T

    Question Settlers Idle Around (ROTC)

    I have ROTC enabled, as well as maybe a dozen more mods. Only two add additional quests; the rest are cosmetic. In both Sanctuary, Abernathy Farms, and Starlight Drive-In (the only 3 I've gotten to so far), the settlers simply stand still. They don't make their way to plots or do any work. I...
  6. Red Fang

    Question Sim Settlement Foundation Question

    Hi there, So basically I just returned playing FO4 and spent hours editing sanctuary hills and a couple of settlements. I grew tired of manually managing my mod so I went to nexus and found this mod and its great. My question is, is there a way/option in sim settlements where I place a new...
  7. C

    Solved Missing Sanctuary Builds?

    Hello, I'm a new user to SS mods, and have fallen in love with the concept of them. I am currently running 3-in-1 and have both megapacks installed. That just about fills the mod space on my Xbox unfortunately, so I am not able to play around with some of the individual addons. My question is...
  8. L

    Question cant move settlers

    Hi. After i made sanctuary an outpost, i decided i wanted it back as a settlement. i dismantled it and it asked me where i wanted to send soldiers, i picked red rocket. but it went nearly all of my settlers there too (including mama murphy, sturges, jun, marcy etc). now when i go to RR and...
  9. H

    Question Sanctuary road disappearing

    I'm having a weird issue where Sanctuary sort of bugs out. Or appears to. I'm assuming it's not meant to be doing this, but when I assign a leader and let the settlers create the town on their own, half the Sanctuary road gets scrapped (which I wouldn't necessarily have a problem with but it...
  10. N

    Question how to change the city plan? (complex ver. -> rotc ver.)

    i have abernathy farm lv 1 with complex and Red rocket lv1 with complex. so i have decided that i'd like to have change city plan for Sanctuary settlement. like Complex ver. lv1 to Rotc ver. becuase of the..avoiding triangle of death haha. i tried just dismiss leader and remove city plan and...
  11. rhymesmatter

    Question Fixed Sanctuary CTD but still need help

    So basically I run into the infamous CTD in Sanctuary LvL 1 after RR got to LvL 1 (RoTC Plans). Essentially I was unable to enter Sanctuary all together. After a little bit of searching I managed to find a working solution by one of the SS chaps; I reduced the multi threading from the...
  12. NNR

    Question XB1 Triangle Of Death Crash

    Based on researching the subject, this topic has been run over many times, and I apologize if I am beating a dead horse. However, regardless of how much I have looked into it, I still haven't found a proper solution to the issue I am running into other than the Xbox One S isn't great for SS. I...
  13. NickolaiTheGreat

    Question What Do I Do After The First Assault?

    I finish the first assault quest, but Jammer won't let me do anything else. He keeps saying my crew is waiting on me to lead the assault and has no other dialogue options. I've tried assaulting Red Rocket, Sanctuary, Abernathy's, and Sunshine with varying amounts of raiders and every time the...
  14. R

    Rise of the Commonwealth Sanctuary Hills Help/Guide

    Hello, I am looking for some guidence on how to properly play the city plan part of the Sim Settlements mod. I am currently trying to have Sanctuary Hills build itself with the city plan, but i feel somewhat lost. I have set the involvment to low, cause i thought this would create a...
  15. Kharon93

    Old Post Incentive to spare the Quincy Survivors

    There doesn't seem to be any benefit to letting Preston and friends leave Concord; they move to Sanctuary and spend the rest of their days hammering at wall panels and complaining, waiting for your input. Do you think it's possible to have them build a city themselves if left alone long enough...
  16. Witte Vrouweveld

    Old Post Sanctuary Plots not generating

    In sanctuary it seems the generating of residential plots (and others) has halted. There are plenty of spots that seem to be ment as plotspots. I have tried refreshing the city, refreshing plot, resigning leader, shelter fix, changing leader among other things. Is there any mechanic I am...
  17. Q

    What happens when Leaders build?

    I just started with SS, I installed the 3 in One version. I only have one settlement right now, and that's Sanctuary, and I was wondering what happens to all the Sanctuary houses if you build the City Planner Desk and assign a leader to build the settlement - will the Sanctuary houses be...
  18. G

    CTD at Sanctuary upgrading from L0 to L1

    Hey all! Joined the forum because I was having an issue that seems to be sorta common. After running some tests I think it must be something to do with the L0 to L1 ROTC Sanctuary upgrade. What's odd is that from my tests it appears there's something to blame with the cinematic - but my initial...
  19. W

    CTD Upon Entering Sanctuary

    Hi, I was checking the forum to find fixes on crashes. At first I couldn't get into Red Rocket/Sanctuary Vacinity. However I have used the cqf kgsim_cpmanager ForceClearSettlement 250fe fix as well as updated the game to 3.4.0. This fixed my crash upon entering Red Rocket. However, as soon as...
  20. SavageRock

    City Plan Gone?

    My Sanctuary was Built up to Level 3 ROTC under Sturges. I returned to the settlement today after questing around, only to receive notification, (paraphrased) That Sturges is " NOW" the leader of Sanctuary & with a leader the citizens can build etc.etc.etc. Start building? Tear it down...