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  1. K

    Question Can't upgrade city plan without city leader?

    Why can't I upgrade a city plan without a city leader?
  2. LouZephyr

    General questions about leader and city plans

    (i have all Sim Settlement mods installed, but in this playthrough i am not using Conquerer) Hi, i have a few questions: can i rule a settlement without a leader? and leveling the settlement up? and do i need a city plan? i mean that i can level up my whole settlement? i really want to build...
  3. H

    Leader Pack Nobody’s leader pack not working

    Hi, I don’t know If I’m just being an idiot or not but I can only use my companions as leaders. I’ve put nobody’s leaders pack at the bottom of my load order and every thing looks fine to me. I’ve tried using vortex to install it I’ve installed it manually. Still nothing works. Any one have any...
  4. T

    Question Leader stuck, cant dismiss/swap outpost leader.

    Hi, I have an issue with changing outpost leader. I can't dismiss current one and change for a different one. The game says the "leader dissmissed" or "leader changed" but when I go back to planner's desk it's still the same. Any ideas? Brute force console command?
  5. T

    Why won't leaders go to the planning desk?

    I selected Cait to be the leader, but she won't go to the desk. Also when I leave the settlement it changes the leader to Strong. (He's not even at the settlement) Thanks for your time
  6. J

    Assigning a Mayor

    Hello all!! New guy here :) I’m starting to play with Sim Settlements and been looking here for an answer cause I know it’s probably been asked a few times, but I suck at searching!! :/ So any help would be appreciated. I never play with companions so they’re always at their default places. If I...
  7. Fluoride

    ROTC mayor's office

    I've been playing Rise of The Commonwealth recently and I had an idea about making a special Mayor's Office plot. So instead of tearing down the previous-built settlement, ROTC town leveling would be minimised to just this plot, while retaining all features. The mayor's office would be upgraded...
  8. Cranky Cat

    Leader Trait Tutorial and trait list links?

    I can't find the leader trait tutorial. Can someone post the link please? I searched for trait on the wiki and went through the builder toolkit, which is where comments have said to look for it, but I still can't find it! Maybe a link on the RoTC expansion page or the builder toolkit page...
  9. Cranky Cat

    Fixed Leader Railroad guards hostile to pretty much everyone

    How are factions set up for Railroad guards created with the leader trait? When Deacon is leader I get Railroad patrols and they are hostile with travelling "Adventurers" NPCs from "NPCs Travel". According to that mod's factions they should be set to be allied with the Railroad. It wasn't...
  10. Cranky Cat

    NPC changes needed to be ROtC leaders?

    I've seen statements about changes needed to be made by mod authors so that custom NPCs may be used as followers but can't find any notes on the specifics in the WIKI. Is there anything saying what specifically needs to be done to allow custom followers to be settlement leaders? I expect there...
  11. Z

    Rotc Question: New Leaders

    Any Idea on when new leaders will be made available for Rotc? I started a new game with this and you just don't get companions fast enough to keep up with your settlements especially if you want to get your companions loyalty up first. Mostly I ask so I can take a small break from the game...
  12. L

    Closed Foundation level doesn't get built

    Hey there, so as far as I'm aware, the foundation level should start to build once you assign a leader to a settlement. Unfortunately, this hasn't happened for me in multiple settlements and with multiple leaders. Additionally, scrap donations are not being accepted and the scrap requirement...