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  1. S

    Don't completely reset building interiors.

    I started playing SS2 with a character that is about level 150. I've already walked through 99% of the building's interiors with this character, and have made a few observations. The main observation is that the interiors aside from the modifications seem to be completely reset. The gunner...
  2. T

    Interior Recreation Plots not removing old furniture upon upgrading

    As far as I'm aware (since I avoid using some plots, like Martial), the interior recreation plot is the only plot with this particular bug. When the plot upgrades it will add the new furniture but the old furniture will never be removed. I have to manually go in and refresh every interior...
  3. Tinuvia

    Update 6.0.0 Wasteland Venturers with 7+2 new buildings

    2 new plans in WV1 and 7 in WV2 for a total of 103 building plans in the All-In-One! Update 6.0.0 (WW2 and AIO): Four new exterior plans: Snuggle up in the Station House home, keep your settlers clean with a Soap Factory, pimp the Chosen One’s car in the new recreational plot and scare off...
  4. Wake

    Fixed Robots not Assignable to Interior Commercial Plots

    Unsure if it's intentional or not, but I'm unable to assign robots to commercial plots, claiming that "Robots cannot own homes." even though a commercial plot isn't residential.
  5. J

    Old Post Very small plots

    My suggestion would be to have small interior plots the size of half a floor for small rooms. It would be like workstations but more elaborate sim settlement style with three levels and would give half the resources the full plots would give. Cauz sometimes when placing the interior plots there...
  6. Cranky Cat

    Interior plot for Magic Mushroom Garden is really loud

    The Magic Mushoom garden interior recreational plot looks like it has a little fountain but sounds like Niagara Falls :-)
  7. Cranky Cat

    Interior martial plot for guard posts?

    Sometimes I make a nice interior space with a good place for a guard post, like behind the metal mesh security fence with the hole in it for shootin' and talkin'. :-) It'd be cool if there were more options which would (ideally) keep your presumably well armed guards somewhere useful while "at...
  8. Cranky Cat

    Interior power plots

    We've seen enough power set dressing in interior cells around the commonwealth so what about interior power plots? I can guess the problems; the interior plots are "wireless" and if you add a standard power connector then after an upgrade it'd probably break the connection without special...
  9. Cranky Cat

    Internal 1x1 "accent" plots

    I've been thinking this for a while; basically every time I feel obligated to add a private bathroom to someone's living quarters. I'd like to see 1x1 snappable internal plots. They wouldn't be assignable or count as residences although maybe a minor tax bump or energy cost could be included...
  10. spacefiddle

    Closed Some minor issues with interior plots

    Pictures, 1000 words, &tc., so here's an Imgur album with notes. Mostly some alignment and snapping issues.