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  1. Vylmort

    Help with Infamous's Combined Tweaks and Changes and SS2 / WSF

    Albright so I thought I try out the mod which combines/integrates a lot of fixes from other mods. The thing is that SS2 does seem to work, plot placements etc . though if you want to select a building plan it stays empty. even with the refresh...
  2. M

    Question Workshop Framework Error in SS2 HQ

    Hello, i have problem in Sim Settlements 2 with Workshop Framework. Im trying to assign Jake and Aiden to security and engineering, but i have strange error. It says "Workshop Framework Error. Unable to start barter menu system". I was looking for answer couple of hours, nothing founded. Also, i...
  3. R

    Question Mod Issues

    Hi so I am new too fallout modding and I am having a issue where the stranger or jake I think gets stuck or doesn't move until I fast travel or something else i have no idea what to do any solutions.
  4. BranBran

    Constant crashing, need some help

    Hey all, I keep crashing, it was completely fine up to yesterday, over 24hours into this game. I really don't want to lose my progress, as such I have 4 logs which show constant script use of SS2. No idea why this is happening, is there a way to stop it? Any help is appreciated as I don't know...
  5. F

    Requesting a mod/patch to disable the HUDFramework messages, for VR players.

    As the title says, the HUDFramework doesn't really work in VR, which means you get spammed with constant error messages/pop-ups as long as you're anywhere near a settlement, which is annoying and makes it hard to see. A simple tweak to disable any and all HUDFramework error messages/broken...
  6. T

    Addon Pack Registration Failed. Anybody Else Experience This?

    Played an hour last night to set up SS2 for myself, and find myself at Red Rocket with the Stranger after only an hour of playtime. When I loaded my saved game, I got this message: Addon pack registration failed. The registered name in the config object field sAddonFilename: SS2.esm does not...
  7. harkness13

    Query re. County Crossing City Plan

    Just captured County Crossing and used the City Plan Contest-winning design by Myrmarachne, got that L0 build up and looking bloody sharp. Just one question though - are the original settlement buildings supposed to be scrapped as part of this blueprint? Because the city building process removed...
  8. Superjesse64

    Question Outpost supply lines (SOLVED)

    So I'm trying to establish a supply line between Outpost Sanctuary and Settlement Red Rocket, but when I try to get a settler to start a line, nothing comes up in the settlement list. What am I doing wrong? Do I need a vassal as a 'middleman?'
  9. C

    Mods Causing CTDs, Need Help! ):

    Hi! Long story short, I have around 50 mods on my play through, and when I get into game my Fallout 4 inevitably crashes to desktop with no error message. Sometimes it occurs after 5 minutes, or other times maybe an hour if I'm lucky. Either way it is extremely annoying and is inhibiting my...
  10. IceCaps97

    Closed Small Spelling Error in Holotape

    This is not a "bug" but a small spelling error in the pipboy holotape. Load the City Manager 2078 Holotape, then navigate to [Tools] > [Show Tech Tree]. After it loads the technology trees, a message will appear: "The Tech Tree will be displayed after you exist your Pipboy." I believe "exist"...