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The Starlighbrary at Starlight

Plots The Starlighbrary at Starlight MarkAlmighty

Be aware, this city plan has been added into the Sim Settlements - City Plan Pack - Contest Entries mod.


This city plan is the result of my entry in the Sim Settlements City Plan Contest for October 2018.

Go to the Files tab to choose whether to download the .ESP or .ESL version, depending on your preference.

  • Overview at Level 3:
  • Player home: Inside the sphere with a player-only bed.
  • Balance: Food will be short, but there will be a lot of extra water as long as you have the SS Mega Pack (see above). And there's plenty of room in Starlight to add your own residential and agriculture plots.
  • SS Plots:
    • Residential: There are 10 2x2 residential plots and 4 internal. (The 15th bed is a regular one.)
    • Agricultural: (3) 2x2 plots
    • Commercial: (2) 2x2 plots (plus one assignable clothing counter)
    • Industrial (regular): (3) 2x2 plots
    • Martial: (3) 2x2 plots
    • Recreational: (2) 2x2 plots
    Defenses: I targeted a defense value of at least 85. Oxhorn's excellent video explains why. However, all of the defense value comes from the plots. I have placed no extra turrets or anything.
  • Workbenches:
    • Chemistry
    • Weapons
    • Armor
    • Power Armor
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