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Renovated Decorations

Decorative Renovated Decorations aesfocus


3.0 & 3.6
Added snap points to the rugs and carpets! They will now snap to each other, floors and Friffy's rugs!

I learned how to make sheer and lace curtains so this is a simple mod that adds 38 rugs and 27 curtains; featuring 10 lace/sheer curtains! These use vanilla keywords and curtains attach to the ceiling as vanilla ones do, rugs and carpets fully snap to each other, the floors and to Friffy's Just Some Rugs!

Sootdirt made some dirty, dusty and torn versions for you all, go give her some love! They are listed as optional, ONLY PICK ONE. These do not yet snap!

How To Find
These use vanilla keywords so the will be found in the vanilla menus
Curtains → Decorations/Wall Coverings/Misc
Rugs → Decorations/Floor Coverings
By using vanilla menus/keywords it avoids issues that may arise with incompatibilities, but does add some bloat to the misc categories. It is compatible with Homemaker, SNB, DDP, SK/SKE/SKI, NX Pro, updated SSE 3.0+ and any other mod that doesn't pillage the vanilla categories.

Known Issues
Carpets and Rugs will not snap to floors that do not use vanilla snap points, Modular Housing is the only one I know of. In That case use modpos or Place Everywhere, but they will still snap to each other.
Carpets and Rugs can be tricky to snap to floors when snapping to floors surrounded by walls or more floors. You may need to pick up a floor or wall place the rug then put it back.
Carpets and Rugs now have a similar set of snap points, so if a rug is slightly off in the snapping just pick it up and nudge it a touch to snap it straight again. This is because Friffy & I's snaps are very similar.

Make sure .ini is up to date. {Here} is the nexus wiki how to.
NMM is suggested as you'll be able to easily add/remove
Manual Installation is the same old jam, unpack into the core file, go to plugins and activate, delete everything and deactivate to uninstall.
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