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Learning Sim Settlements

Modders Toolkit Learning Sim Settlements CptCOOTS

Learn Gud How to Do Sim Settlements!
Hey guys! Cpt Coots here totally ripping on King Gath! I've been doing a tutorial series of live videos on twitch and I'm uploading the mod(s) that we make on that channel here.

I'm following the Sim Settlements Tutorial Document with my own twist as we go through the following builds

I - Residential (DONE)
II - Agricultural (DONE and it's an Interior plot with custom crops!)
III - Commercial (DONE and it's a custom vendor!)
IV - Recreational (SOON with custom textures!)
V - Martial (SOON with spawning guards and animals!)
VI - Industrial (SOON with optional DLC support!)
VII - Advanced Industrial (NOT AS SOON with branched interior space!)
IIX - City Planner Desks (Not sure how soon)
IX - City Leader and Flags (Fucked if I know when I'll do this).
X - Other topics like, mod dependency and why you should not have it.

Catch the stream live at or check the uploads later on my channel on YouTube
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