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Kraggles Structures

Enhancements Kraggles Structures Kraggle

This is a few things I've thrown together for myself since I started playing with Bigger Settlements and Sim Settlements, I figured the prefabs may as well be created in the Creation Kit instead of building them over and over again in game and with so much of the extended space being over water for Bigger Settlements I wanted to have an easy way of making piers for my Sim Settlement plots since I could not find another mod that had piers already in them that could snap. So here we are! I know thought I'd share.

Well, the Prefabs are in the specific Prefab sections, so... Wood in Wood and so on, and... the Piers and Terrain have a new menus at the end of Structures. There is now alsoa menu at the end of the main menu called 'Kraggles'!

I think everyone knows by now how to download and install a mod for Fallout 4, and if not, you definitely know how to search Google :P
If you have trouble placing the prefabs I suggest installing Place Everywhere as then you will be able to stick it where ever you like!

Sorry, I wanted to avoid dependencies, but...
...this requires Settlement Menu Manager to install the menus. This is kinda essential so this mod does not break your menus if you uninstall. need the Contraptions Workshop DLC, this uses textures from that DLC, so... you need that.

Nothing, you can remove this with no issues, just don't remove Settlement Menu Manager at the same time!

As long as I keep playing I keep creating more, so I will probably add more, if you have any requests, just hit me with them and I will see what I can do.
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