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Home Plate Exterior Revamped

Settlements/Homes Home Plate Exterior Revamped damanding

Load Order Notes
If you are using Aloot's Home Plate or Greasemonkey's Home Plate Expanded mods (don't use them both, pick one) then make sure you load this mod AFTER one of the above mods.

No More Scavver Living!

When you come home after a hard day of killing all the things while hunting for your son you want to have as much luxury as is possible in life post-apocalypse. This means more than a crummy tub in full view of everyone to soak in and a grill that you can't even cook on. You want a nice bathroom thank you very much! You want a place to enjoy a beer and noodles! You want to cook on that stupid grill! You want a deck chair to soak yourself in the sun's radiation! Oh and is it too much to ask for maybe a little garden for all your adhesive making needs? Those weapons aren't held together with bailing wire after all. Luckily for you I had a chat with the neighbor, Solomon, and he was so pleased with those mutated ferns I got him he let me take over his unused roof and build a patio deck and greenhouse.

This mod is for the exterior of Home Plate only, it does not modify any aspect of the inside.


  • Working Grill as a Cooking Station that you can store stuff in
  • New furniture item, the Fancy Deck Lounge Chair
  • Greenhouse with tatos, corn and mutfruit for all your adhesive making needs
  • 8 different storage containers, set to not respawn
  • Fully navmeshed
  • Various NPC markers for your companion to sandbox
  • Pretty clutter
  • The Grill cooking station is also a BONUS constructible item in your settlement workshop menu! Build it in your settlements! (uses Vanilla menu system)

French Translation / Traductions en français

Traductions en français du Mod "Home Plate Exterior Revamped" de Damanding par AngeLusFr (AngeLusGaming). Ce mod réorganise l'extérieur du toit de la maison de Diamond City en y ajoutant une serre avec des plantes, une table de jardin, une chaise longue et des marqueurs d'actions pour les PNJs. La traductions est uploader sur cette page le temps qu'une page française soit créée.

If you want to skip to the review of my mod, it's about 20 minutes in. Direct link to the correct time

If you want to skip to the review of my mod, it's about 2:15 minutes in. Direct link to the correct time.

Stuff to Know

  • This is my first mod. I learned a lot but I don't know everything. Let me know if I royally screwed up somehow! Evanpox was kind enough to run it on his system and didn't get any errors. Also the pictures are a bit on the crummy side because my video card is a potato.
  • This file has already been cleaned with FO4Edit. Yes that includes the three Greeb items and the Red Tarp movements. Those are intentional.
  • There are two columns holding up the lower deck for realism purposes. They are butted right up next to the building below and should not impact in any significant way on NPC movements on the walkway below.
  • Install via NMM or other tool of choice. Or install manually if that's your thing. There is an ESP and some custom meshes, textures, etc in folders. NO DLC REQUIRED
  • See the Permissions tab for details on console mods, using my resources etc.


  • This mod is INCOMPATIBLE with most of Quince99's Homeplate and Diamond City Renovation files. I had decided to expand on my original plans and build a better deck and greenhouse after seeing his. My original plan was just some planters on Solomon's roof. This mod is COMPATIBLE with the "Homeplate Renovation Tabula Rasa" edition of Quince99's mod.
  • This mod will also be incompatible with any other mod that modifies the roof of Home Plate or the roof area of Solomon's in Diamond City.
  • This mod is COMPATIBLE with Aloot's Home Plate according to several users, IMPORTANT LOAD ORDER NOTE: place this mod AFTER Aloot's Home Plate.
  • COMPATIBLE: I personally use and highly recommend Greasemonkeymods Home Plate Expanded which connects settlement supply lines to the interior of Home Plate. IMPORTANT LOAD ORDER NOTE: Place this mod AFTER Home Plate Expanded in your list, otherwise items from the original exterior will merge with item placement from this mod.
  • DO NOT USE Aloot's Home Plate and Greasemonkey's Home Plate Expanded together, they are NOT compatible with each other. Pick one or the other to use with this mod and put this mod after the one you chose.

Known Issues

  • The cooking animation clips a little in a few spots. It's minor and doesn't affect usage. Unless someone can create a custom animation for me I'm afraid there's really nothing I can do about that. I took the cooking animation from another cooking station and it wasn't really designed to go with the grill as I've used it.
  • The architectural pieces used to make the greenhouse were really not designed to be used quite this way, especially the roof. I've used trim to hide the worst of the ugly in the roof/wall seams but depending on the angles you look at you may see some ugly meshing of parts. For example, there are actually two roof pieces which overlap. Personally I don't think it's too noticeable, you have to really be looking for it.
  • Sorry none of the bathroom pieces are actually functional at this time. I'm just not as cool as Steve40. Maybe in a future update!
  • I'm not sure if it is because of changes to the interior cell made by Greasemonkeymods' Home Plate Expanded in my game or vanilla, but Diamond City residents will occasionally visit your deck for a brief time. They will read the paper, warm their hands, cook for a bit and then show themselves the door. No idea how to stop that. for PC/XB1

Under username "Crayonkit"


  • Version 1.1 fixed the collision of the patio table, added a chair inside the trailer by request, a few minor placement edits and most importantly...properly cleaned it. :D

Credits and Thanks

  • Jet4571 and Elianora for Immersive Toilet Paper. See their mod page for permissions.
  • HUGE THANKS to Evanpox without whom this mod would have been soo much harder. Evanpox helped me get through creating the grill as a custom crafting station, some mesh mashup challenges and a few other general questions. My hats off to you. Now go download their mods. Trust me you cannot live without them.
  • Shout-outs to Elianora and Darkfox127 for lots of quality tutorials, I've lost track of how many of them I watched. Credit also to Rage Gamer for a tutorial on lighting packins.
  • I made my own filled dog food bowl for this mod, but I give credit to the mod Cat and Dog Bowls Food for the idea of it.

Mods in Screenshots

  • Darker Nights by Unforbidable
  • Vending Machine Lighting by Ceaseless
  • Radioactive Signs Lighting by Ceaseless
  • Illuminated Billboards Lighting by Ceaseless
  • EoW - Pre-war Books Retexture by EmissaryOfWind
  • Gunslinger Outfit by Elianora
  • Minutemen Bandanna by VaultScout
  • Darker Clothes and Armor by Sardonumspa

Tools Used

  • Creation Kit
  • B.A.E.
  • FO4Edit
  • Nifskope
  • Body Slide/Outfit Studio
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