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clutter for shelves and bookcases

Decorative clutter for shelves and bookcases dinozaurz - damanding


The aim of this mod is to offer an easy way to fill up those empty bookshelves and make a settlement look a little more lived in. I've been brainstorming ideas on how to make shelves a little less empty in my settlements, but without the work of placing every item individually every time. What I've come up with is this: shelves with snap nodes, and pre-made clutter in shelf size with snap nodes. Place a shelf, snap clutter in.

How to:
NOTE: To make the snapping work, you'll need to first place the custom shelves - named "DIY 01 yourShelf", "DIY 02 yourShelf" and so on. In the same category, there is pre-made clutter in shelf size, which will snap into the dinoShelves. Clutter may be placeable on certain vanilla shelves but they won't snap.

If the clutter is a little difficult to snap into place, try moving backwards and make sure you're looking directly at the shelf - if that doesn't work, move the shelf a little bit away from the wall, and try again.

All items are added via script in their own category under furniture -> do it yourshelf. Put down a bookcase/shelf first and add the clutter by snapping it in - like you'd do with doors into doorways. For minimum hassle, put the bookcase/wall shelf in its intended place before adding clutter.
  • All free standing shelves snap together, but must be held fairly close together in order to snap.
  • Grocery shelves snap together back to back as well
  • Not all clutter will fit on the wall shelves, but everything should fit in the other shelves

Noteworthy things to note:
  • I tried to be reasonable with crafting costs, so some of the things may be a case of 4 tatos for the price of 1 etc.
  • Clutter snaps to walls, which is a side effect, really, but may come in handy?
  • Fairly costly in terms of settlement budget, so keep an eye on that, if you don't want to expand your building budget
  • All clutter (and the shelves) use vanilla textures and thus should automatically apply any texture replacers you may have
  • There is now a separate mod for book textures!

Should be compatible with pretty much anything as it adds its menu by script.

While this can work fine as a standalone, I recommend it with Place Everywhere for even more freedom to put random things in and on your shelves and OCDecorator for even more stuff to put there! You can never have too much clutter.

My other mods:

+ Made thanks to the Outfit Studio crew, Elianora's youtube guide to static item mash-ups, the Nifskope team, Bethesda's Creation Kit, Val whom I've been hounding to test it for me, and an unreal amount of patience.

Also, damanding is a goddess.
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