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    First of all I will thank you, to let us be part of your knowledge about modding and tools.
    I love that part of internet. Once I played FreelancerMod (Freelancer, Microsoft Games Release 2003) on a german server. It is a singleplayer game, but they made it work for multiplayer - awesome work.
    By myself I made a map for Left4Dead 2 - what a damn work. but I finished it, after a long while.

    With the creation kit, I made a step into a new level - and every day, I think "Hey, it seems I can start my ideas tomorrow and finished the main lessons!" - but the next morning - there is a new BIG lesson, behind what I know.
    I admire(?) people who do the same, but finish there work and bring it online, write a wiki and build up a community with people who keep the gamemod actually (like Freelancermod-community for over 15 years!) - and I am a bit.. no! ...very jealous about that work (Last sentence correct? First time I use that word jealous).+

    I'm translating the documents for myself, cause my english is a bit... dusty(?) - long time ago in school far, far away from here
    I had english lessons... okay, stop kidding around...

    I do not feel very comfortable with the next:

    please prove 5. a, the other left... one must be right I think.

    Writer thought a bit faster than he wrote, I guess ;)
    Link again:

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    The other left! HA!
    Good catch. :)
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